Accomplishment Saturday

You know that tendency that I have to list all the things I need to do–and then do none of them, especially when it comes to sewing, decision-making, and decision-making related to sewing?

No more, my friends, no more!

Your girl has had a legendarily fruitful Saturday.  After a good sleep-in and an even better breakfast of fresh orange juice (made with oranges from my tree, woot woot!), coffee from the recently-inherited coffee machine (ta muchly, Most Fabulous S and Dr. B), and eggs in the hole with basil-strewn tomatoes (learned from Mamalicious, who still makes them better than me):

Eggs in process

Eggs as gobbled

I got dressed in a sunny, bright hand-me-up top from Baby Bel, black Marks and Sparks jeans (narrowed from bootcut into skinnier jeans to get with the times), and new blue Target flatsies:

The whole shebang

The whole shebang

The cobalt-blue shoes, which I kiss before going to bed every night

And Mr. Man and I set off for an afternoon of exciting errands.

Mission 1: brave a crowded Saturday Pricesmart for a dry-goods stockup (and a DVR to tape American-TV goodies for Miz Woods back in Blighty, as said lovely lady keeps us sweetly and fully supplied with DVR’d British TV gems that she sends us regularly).  Status: see for yourself!

Pasta and tomatoes (purchased) and other sundry goodies (inherited) to keep me stocked till 2020 or so

Mission 2:  hit the supermarket out in West Moorings to get fancy stuff like, say, mushrooms and frozen cauliflower (oh, how I appreciate these when finding them requires shopping on the other side of Port of Spain…)  And yep, this too was accomplished:

Mission 3:  buy bra to cover in fabric and sequins for Carnival Monday wearing.  Status:  it’s been got–but sorry, I won’t show you 🙂  However, I promise you’ll get to see it once it’s actually done and no longer resembles an everyday bra.  Because really, everyone in Port of Spain and their mother will see me in it so there’s no sense in being bashful at that point.

Mission 4:  get fabric to cover said bra.  Accomplished:  yes, though I’m not going to start covering the bra with it until I check the color against the original costume at the mas camp (Carnival band headquarters, for the non-Trini) next Saturday.  Suffice it to say it’s a red satiny fabric, and fingers crossed it will match the Monday-wear boy shorts and the feathers from my leg pieces (which will be glued to the boots).

Mission 5:  get some fabric for fete-wear.  Status:  I am the clearance fabric queen!  Or rather, yes, I got it, and I love, love, love its gorgeous blue-hued splendors:

Keys added for scale. The colors are actually pretty accurate in this photo and look just a teensy bit darker in real life.

You can imagine that I was absolutely beside myself on the way home at the exhilaration of getting everything done.  If The Smurf (Mrl and Ms. Laura Mobile) had a sunroof, I definitely would have ridden home standing up,  half of me sticking out of the car, waving and whooping like a crazy person for all to see and hail me for being a good little accomplisher.  Thank heavens The Smurf doesn’t have a sunroof.

After a lunch completely conjured up by Huzzy B, who had the inspired idea to put our leftover Chinese omelette in garlicky-gingery tomato sauce inside a soft roll:

Oops, should've used the macro setting...

I settled in to the tasks at hand while the Mr. poked, prodded and took our TV apart to get the DVR set up (who thought it would be necessary?  It technically wasn’t, in the end, but watching him sure made me laugh).

I searched for online inspiration for my fete dress and, after getting together some ideas, got all Coco Chanel with my fabric:  I draped and pulled and pinned dress shape options onto myself, and came up with two contenders for fete wear (the outdoor all-day or all-night parties with live music, tons of dancing, and eating and drinking galore that precede Carnival).

For your viewing pleasure, then, we have Option A:

And Option B:

Please keep in mind that both are just roughly draped and pinned over me, and bear with me on the awful quality of the pictures–it’s nearly impossible to take a good picture, without flash, with my left hand, while holding fabric onto myself with one hand for shape/modesty/fear of pin-pricks.  Option A would be a cowl-necked top attached to a tight tube-like miniskirt, with short sleeves and possibly a lowish or U-shaped back.  Option B would have thin straps or be strapless, have a tubed top and empire waist (the better for belting, my dears), with darts coming down at the waist and either a straight or tulip-shaped (tighter at the hem) bottom.  I could wear both of them either with or without black leggings, and as I’m not a masochist my shoes will be flats (either silvery-jewelled sandals, or the cobalt-blue or patent pointy flats).

So, party peeps, please tell me:  which one should I make?  (I won’t tell you which option I’m leaning for because I would love to get some input.)

Since I can’t start cutting fabric until I get some input and mull over the options, there’s nothing left to do but have a fabulous Saturday night dinner of Trini stewed pigeon peas, sliced and pan-griddled plantains, and pastelles (cornmeal-dough wrapped around a savory beef, raisin, and spiced filling–a Trini Christmas staple, which Mr. Laura got from a colleaugue who makes them and sells them for the holidays):

A beer or two:

And some Law and Order: SVU reruns and Scrabble.  What can I say?  It’s a tough life (or a very lame Saturday night, depending on your view and youth–but for me, it’s heaven on a stick).

Sleep tight!

5 Responses

  1. i like option b!!! you look gorgeous! y me gusta la blusa que te di, te queda bella! =]

  2. Option B for sure! Very foxy!

    S xx

  3. […] going to wait, and make you wait, until it’s finished before I post a picture to show you which one I made of the options I’d been considering.  What can I say?  Give me a sense of accomplishment and I’ll give you my worst autocratic […]

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