Happy Birthday, Moi!

It’s my birthday, y’all!  I’m just not telling how old.  Don’t worry, though, you’ll find out soon enough–I am the absolute worst at keeping my own secrets….

Now, since:

  • My birthday is on a Monday
  • Mr. Man is wonderful, and
  • I can get my way most of the time

We are celebrating my birthday four times this year!  There is indeed an upside to having a Monday birthday (and it’s called Friday celebrations and Saturday birthday beach celebrations, all to come this weekend).

On top of that, last night the lovely husband and I celebrated my Birthday Eve with a good Sunday dinner and Six Feet Under, and I was feeling pretty great about my birthday today–until we got to the episode where Nate turns 40, at which point the significance of my birthday hit, and I started got a bit stressy and maudlin.

Thank goodness Mr. Man did not let me get too caught up in the moment last night, because I had big plans for this morning–my first ever Trinidad before-work morning run!  I used to run in the mornings back in Britain (when I first started running about two years ago–before it REALLY took) but I hadn’t done it since.  However, I was intent on running on my birthday to start my year off with a bang and to show myself, my biggest skeptic, that I have indeed changed in the last year–but I didn’t want to take up valuable after-work wine-and-dine time to do it.  I also want to get used to running in the mornings, as I’ll be taking on extra hours of work and I can’t go running once it gets dark. So I got up at 6:30, geared up, and headed out the door into the early morning drizzle.

I am a morning run convert once more.

I felt energetic, I did not come close to getting run over by cars, and I did not feel the slightest bit nauseous.  The only problem was that, with being half asleep and so damn mesmerized by the birds and mountains and beauty and whatnot of the early morning (and scared of a pack of dogs that I took a different street to get back), I got myself lost.  In the neighborhood that I’ve lived in for the last year and a half.  Which is carefully laid out like a grid.  And has street name signs at each corner.   It actually took me three back-and-forths between two streets to realize which way I needed to go, at which point I hauled ass  to get home and ready in time for work.   This did, however, make for a 3.25 mile run in 33 minutes–my fastest ever!  Clearly I need to get lost in my own neighborhood before work more often.

After the great run, I got dressed for work:

You’ve seen it before, sadly, but I do love this combo.  It’s a black and tiny white dot pencil skirt from Marshall’s in Puerto Rico (got it last year), red ruffly top from a thrift store in Coventry (originally from Next), and red patent pointy flats from Target (bought after Christmas and still so shiny I can put lipstick on by looking at them).  My only regret with today’s outfit is that I had painted my nails a bit maroony-violet last night, and they clash a bit hideously with the top, but no matter.

Birthday Lunchery was gorgeous and green–I had some leftover chili on salad, a la Santropol (one of my favorite Montreal eateries, which used to serve its chili on a huge salad):

After work (where I did not fall asleep, woot woot, despite the early wake-up!), I came home to a clean house (courtesy of my special cleaning service, Mr. Laura’s Speedy Sweep and Swiff Ltd.) and there were beers on the porch and some fun cooking a deux:

And, finally there, there was my birthday dinner of Korean food:

That is a gorgeous Korean Bibimbap, or rice with all the fixings. This one has sauteed carrots, mushrooms, bok choi, and Korean-seasoned steak strips, with brown rice and a fried egg on top, as well as kimchi on the side and tons of gochujang paste over all of it. Wacky yes, tasty definitely, repeatable ad infinitum.

Though the original plan was to go see The Princess and the Frog–grown-up, indeed–home is just too cozy to leave, so I  bid you good night so I can continue the birthday festivities and scarf down my birthday sweet of choice, a mighty fine eclair:

Evening, all!

2 Responses

  1. Happy birthday!! Just came across your blog and I absolutely love it! Good luck with all of your goals in the upcoming year!

  2. I’m late, but HAPPY BIRTHDAY. Hope you had a fabulous day celebrating!!! 🙂

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