Life Gets In The Way…

…Of thorough blogging.  I ate good stuff, wore a very nice outfit, etcetera and what have you.  I promise you a better update tomorrow, but I’ll leave you tonight with a single shot of the Highlight Of Today, The Reason I Woke Up This Morning, and Number One Raison D’Etre for the whole last year:

Meet the  latest Ruby of Mumbai!  A long, profanity-inducing,vexatious day at work was completely forgotten when I collected my carnival costume from the Hilton in Port of Spain this afternoon.  I didn’t even mind the ridiculous traffic on the way back because my gorgeous feathery alter-ego was in the car with me, gleaming lovingly back at me in the glare of car lights and urban highway sprawl.

I promise you a preposterous amount of mas costume pictures tomorrow, when the light for pictures will be better and I will have stopped shaking with excitement.  Until then, you’ll find me sleeping under my feathered head canopy next to a box containing the heavy jeweled bra top, heavier bracelets, jangly bechained belt, and the tiniest bikini bottoms (eek!) known to womankind.

2 Responses

  1. Love the head piece, it’s very pretty.

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