In Which My Carnival Costume Rules the Day

What breakfast, lunch or dinner?  A girl with a closetful of feathers and gems does not care about such mundane things as food, company or beach.

So, in case you missed it and I haven’t made enough of a big deal about it, I picked up my carnival costume yesterday at the Hilton.  The pickup looked something like this:

At the Hilton, about to storm the place for my feathers

The sign should ACTUALLY read "This way for feathered teeny bikini glory"

Check out all the other future Rubies of Mumbai (e.g. headpieces!)

Bags full of swag bags--including the band cup for all-inclusive drinks nonsense

The view from the Hilton while I was waiting for my goody bag: Queen's Park Savannah (world's largest roundabout!), city of Port of Spain, and Caribbean sea in the background

Same pic as in yestereday's post--I am going to marry my headpiece

Wanna see the costume in detail?  Well, since you asked…

The headpiece. After carnival, I will be running races in it.

A leg-piece, which will be attached to my boots

Assorted bangles--half of what the band provided. They are HEAVY--about half a pound per arm.

The bra. What else is there to say?

The belt that will add a bit of modesty over my teeny bikini bottom. Fabric and jewels, oh my--it weighs as much as a small dog and the beads make a great big whop-whop sound when you shake them

Necklace and earrings.  The earrings are great if you like the whole stretched earlobe thing--that's how heavy they are

Necklace and earrings, which are yet another heavy accessory. I don't know if my lopsided earring holes can handle them....

I must have looked at it all about fifteen times in the hour between waking up and going to the beach.

In non-costume related news, I spent about two hours at home today.  There was a great breakfast of French toast with pineapple and watermelon, with fresh orange juice on the side:

And a trip to the beach where I had a delicious bake and shark and chilled on the sand and under coconut trees:

After the beach, we hustled to get changed and sand-free and and drove Trini speed (e.g. REALLY fast) to make it in time to the movies for a Bollywood film (Dul Mil Gaya–not the greatest, but amusingly cheesy and filmed partly in Trinidad, so it was fun to figure out the shooting locations) and some post-film beer and fried delicacies of the potato and provision variety:

Two beers were had, as was some great conversation and a total soca-fest of music in the car on the way there and back, during which I expounded to the husband at length on the virtues of an older, less silly Shah Rukh Khan.  I’ll go before I bore you with the details….

5 Responses

  1. SO excited for you!!!! The costume is beeeeyooootiful! I’m totally jealous of course!

  2. Beautiful costume! I can’t wait to see you in it and more pictures. Can I come visit you? I want to experience sunny weather like that! Breakfast with all that fruit looks great.

  3. What a beautiful costume! Can’t wait to see it all together! Gorge, I tell ya!

    • Thanks all! I’m so excited about wearing it next Tuesday I’m already having trouble sleeping and dreams of feathery frenzy. I feel like a walking advertisement for the Trinidad and Tobago tourism board at the moment–it really is the best time of the year to be in Trinidad 🙂

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