Working the Brevity Tip

Work, work, more work… I. AM. WIPED.  It’s hard to beam any kind of positive energy or love towards the world at the moment because all I want are my SVU marathon, a cup of tea, and a big pillow for sleeping on. (Oh, yeah, and to become independently wealthy so I don’t have to go to work unless I want to, but I’ll settle for the previous three wishes).

Worn today:

Holding a coconut that plopped out of my tree

I love this top (from Dorothy Perkins in the UK–it was under 15 pounds, so reasonable in my book) and those shoes (from Spain–they were 15 euros, I think, and I’ve gotten every last cent out of them). I wore the top and shoes to work with a straight black skirt, but I changed before I went to run an errand in Port of Spain after work (hence the jeans).

Running my errand involved exchanging some carnival paperwork for a friend and replacing my cell phone (after finding half of the keys stopped working!).  The drive to Port of Spain was totally justified, though, when I rocked up to MovieTowne Plaza to the sight of this:

It’s Socacize!  Apparently, Soca aerobics are held in the MovieTowne parking lot every Tuesday and Thursday in January and February before carnival.  Behold the sight of people getting down in the surreal parking lot/mountain scenery…  As the cell phone salesgirl quipped, “Bless them–it’s a bit late to start now.”  True–but it’s still a quirky sight to see.

Eaten today:

I had a bit of time in the morning, so I made some French toast with pineapple on top:

For lunch, I whipped up tuna salad on top of a big leafy green salad (with tomatoes, carrots, scallion, and green peppers–not that you can see any of that under the mess of lettuce):

And dinner saw the appearance of a Spanish-influenced lentil soup with potatoes, carrots, spinach, smoked paprika, and a touch of cumin:

Bootiliciousness worked today:

I went for a swim (and felt surprisingly un-sore after yesterday’s fast run–miracle of miracles!) and took it easy, given that the last thing I want is an injury before Carnival next week.  Twenty-five slow and easy laps, plus an extra one done fast and furious just to prove to myself that I could.

My zonked self is going to commune with the SVU team on TV now.  I promise I’ll be back to my happy chatty self tomorrow….

3 Responses

  1. Thanks so much for driving to PoS for me…and I’m so glad the socasize was spotted. Love the salesgirl’s comment.

  2. We all have our down days!

  3. Beautiful pictures and I love your top too!

    I haven’t swam in like 10 years and am thinking of picking it up again because it’s a great work out.

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