On Any Given Saturday…

… I would hope to have as nice a day as I’m having today.

Alarm:  not set.

Reading:  early in the morning, in bed.


Old Navy owl tank (same as Baby Bel's!), Marks and Sparks skinnified jeans, graffiti Converse from Kohl's ($10 star find), wire fox terrier from Montreal (priceless), dangling coconut from my backyard

Eating for breakfast:

Banana oatmeal blinged with coconut, grapefruit, coffee in tacky beloved Lady Di cup, placemats unironed (if I don't iron shirts, I'm not about to care about the wrinkliness of tableware)

Things bought from man in a truck:  2 pounds of shrimp, 1 pound of salmon.  He was using his megaphone to announce his catch in a particularly melodious way today, what can I say?

Things bought from garden supply store:  some pots, a huge watering can to  lawfully comply with the hose ban (dry season water rationing is in force), and a couple of basil plants who did not run from me as they should have (I am a serial basil killer).  I saw plenty of pots and hope to own enough plants someday to fill them all up:

We then headed to Port of Spain for some homework-doings–I wanted to find some good shots for my submission to a Flickr group project called La Vuelta al Mundo (this month’s submission theme: red) and hit paydirt, I think:

I also had fun doing my own paparazzi ting:

After dragging my location scout and photo crew (OK, it’s all one and the same person) around half of Port of Spain and sniffing dramatically anywhere that might have been graced with our carnival presence, I had a hot lunch date with Pollo Tropical, that mecca of Cuban/Rican yumminess:

Cuban black beans, quarter chicken, white rice--no words...

I dismissed my photo crew for the day and returned him to his Saturday British football extravaganza while I went off and had a correspondingly gender-stereotypical extravaganza of my own at the fabric shop.  Fabric was salivated over and bought, shop ladies were duly amused that this girl sews (everyone here has a personal seamstress, so I’m a very declasse freak as far as they are concerned), and something may have already been made!  Make that almost made–a hemming and neck lining are in order, but nothing like a trip to Puerto Rico in two weeks to put the heat on my lazy seamstress ways.  One MUST always dress to impress (and I have a lot of VERY stylish female relatives to impress).

The dinner urge hasn’t yet hit, but I am unashamed to say that, when it does, the rest of that Pollo Tropical will be revisited because it was THAT good, I am THAT Puerto Rican, and I’m having THAT much wine tonight…

Ta, all!

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