I Got The Magic Thread…

The Main Event (Hold On To Your Seats….)

So, Monday peeps, this is what I wore to work today:

But THIS is what I was really dying to wear.  I mean, the office should understand the significance of finishing a dress in under 24 hours, right?

My oh my, was I relieved that this turned out.  I know that you’re looking and thinking it’s hardly the most complex or elaborate design (it’s basically a stretchy sack with collar and sleeve detailing) and that, as such, it doesn’t really merit all the fanfare I’m giving it.  To that, I say you might be right–but I’m going to fanfare on anyway because I cannot believe that:

  • I finished it in under 24 hours
  • I winged it, with no pattern, and half-assedly at that, and it still came out decent (don’t go checking the seams and fold it in half lengthwise–it’s not that even).

I honestly was the queen of slapdashery for this one.  I didn’t have a pattern and I rarely sew shirts (much less t-shirty things) so I unevenly pinned my Soca Monarch fete dress over the fabric as a cutting guide.  Did I align anything?  Nope.  Did I check to make sure the dress was evenly stretched out?  Nuh uh.  Did I even think to trace half out and use that to make the dress even?  Not for a second–until, that is, I cut it, tried to align it, and almost fainted at how uneven the whole thing was.

After that, more chopping of the “cut now, check later” variety ensued, all rationalized by the knowledge that the collar and sleeve bindings/cuffs would cover a multitude of symmetery sins.  They didn’t.  I almost went all asymmetrical with the neckline when I realized it, but then thought that adding the tie would make the whole thing slant and hang lower on the one side–perfect!  No one needed to know how crooked the neckline was if it was MEANT to look that way!  See?  Judge for yourself:

So, in the parlance of our time, “Whoomp, there it is.”  I will wear it until it’s threadbare, as I’ll wear its Version 2.0–which is getting made in my sleep, if it has to, because I am in dress love and need to spread my love of it far and wide (namely, during my upcoming Puerto Rico trip in T minus 12 days).

Other Noteworthy Occurences Du Jour

I finally rejoined the land of the living, got with the program, etc, and went for a run before work.  Off went the alarm at 6, off went Laura to try and open both locks of burglarproofing with the car keys at 6:40–at least I didn’t stick myself with the key-attaching safety pin in my sleepwalking state.

Once I woke up I realized I was on a pretty good run.  I did the usual 5K loop in 30:34 and gave myself props for getting thisclose to a sub-30 time (instead of giving myself kicks for needing that tiny extra walk break that would have made the difference).  The knee held up perfectly and my hip, though still a bit stiff from the carnival dancefest, was fine after a good stretch.

I might have to start taking my camera on early morning runs, as I’d make a killing as a spy for WASA (the water company here in Trinidad).  The island is currently on a garden hose ban for water rationing purposes, and there’s talk of scheduled rolling water outages if WASA can’t magically find all the missing water (Pss pss, WASA!  Y’all lose 50% of it in your old bedraggledy 1950’s pipes!).  Hence the watering cans and our very filthy car.  Apparently, many of my fancy-car-ownin’, landscaped-garden-havin’ neighbors feel water rationing does not apply to them between the hours of midnight and 7 am, and on recent runs I’ve seen some flagrant floutings of the ban take place upon bushes of gardenias and supershiny BMW SUVs.  The first few times, people would rush to the back of their houses to turn the water off, but they have now become so blase that they stare and give me cuteye for looking at them.

Oh well.  When I can’t shower for days and I can’t enter the kitchen for piles of dirty dishes, I’ll at least be happy in the knowledge that their windows got power-washed.

In the eating business, I deviated from the salad routine–shock, horror–and had some pisto (Spanish ratatouille-like stew), which I think would have made my mami most proud:

For dinner, I was feeling a bit frazzled, so pita pizzas with eggplant, ham, tomato, onion and garlic, plus a side of potato-spinach soup, were the order of the day:

I will now ask the Husband to hide my scissors and fabric so I don’t cut the dress out and sew it tonight–I am exhausted and need to get some good sleep.


2 Responses

  1. Ooh, meant to say, love the fabric and style of your dress. Very cool! And I need a belt like that – love those multi-functioning accessories!

  2. That blue dress owns! For some reason the word Kardashian comes to mind…I don’t know why….

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