When the Cat’s Away… The Mouse Makes Green Monsters

IN other words, when the cat’s away, the mouse will play:  with her blender.

First, some background:

People, I had a day of nightmares, as in I will have nightmares of this day for years to come.  I’m only being a teensy bit dramatic here. I don’t get it.  I never have bad days in this blouse:

Picture off-keel like my day, blouse (5 UKP) from H and M in Birmingham, UK

Not only did work go down like a pile of rocks with syrup (um, not well), I didn’t get to eat breakfast until 10 and I had the brilliant idea of swimming during lunch and waiting until after a 1 pm meeting was over to eat lunch… which went right into an unscheduled 2:30 meeting… which meant that lunch didn’t get eaten until 3:30.  I am sorry to say that hunger and frustration = straight up devouration, so no pictures were taken of breakfast or lunch.  I was in such a bad temper the camera would have burned up in my hand, anyway.

After that, I came home and hoped that a call to Best Buy to reserve my new laptop (for pickup in Puerto Rico next week–eeee!) would turn my frown upside down.  Best Buy: if you don’t ship online orders to Puerto Rico AND don’t take in-store pickup requests AND don’t have the laptop I want AND won’t let me reserve the next best anyway, you are not turning my frown upside down.  You are just driving me to distraction and near-teardom after my wretched day.

So I did what any responsible adult does:  I took two ibuprofens and a nap (aka a Bad Day Eraser).

Even though I got eaten alive by the mosquitoes–who seemed to want to feast on me more rather than less in today’s abnormal 100 F heat–the nap did clear up the tears-and-tantrums impulse.  When I woke up I was hungry and well-aware that dinner would be LATE due to a Mr. Laura work commitment.  I’d need a holdover snack and I’ve been seeing Green Monsters all up in the blogosphere. I gave it some thought:  should Mr. Laura see me putting spinach, soy milk, and bananas in a blender, he’d have me committed.  But HA!  He wasn’t around to stop me.

So I made my furtive move and a Green Monster got made:

Bananas (2 small over-ripe) and soymilk in...

Spinach and oats go in...

Anxiously blend...

Pour and make face like in postcard...

Get ready... and taste!

The verdict:  Where has the Green Monster been all my life??

I couldn’t taste ANY spinach yet somehow I suspect the spinach has taken the edge off the sickliness of the over-ripe banana, which was making me nervous.  The oats give it body and the hint of vanilla goes along nicely.  I am just SO impressed I might just build a , and   mini-kitchen shrine to Angela for her convincing Green Monster ways.

AND it’s made so much better for being eaten with Spicy Big Foots:

Spicy puffed corn delight

What can I say?  It’s just how I roll.  Day successfully turned around!

I’m off for a night of drinks in Port of Spain and wearing a newly made dress–pics will come tomorrow.  See you tomorrow and be good!

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