Party, Snooze, Rest

I’ve had the best weekend in a long time.  There’s nothing better than starting the weekend on a crazy note and winding down from there.

The craziness:  clubbing in Port of Spain on Friday night.  I think the last time I went clubbing was in Spain, summer of 2008, and before that MAYBE 2005?  I’m not the clubbiest and most of my dancing happens in the family kitchen, so Friday was a REAL occasion.  I’d forgotten how annoying it is to wait to be let into a club at 1 am–and how much fun it is when you are actually in!  Save for some vexatious, overly flirtatious types, the night was a blast, so much so that I completely forgot to take pictures–I was too busy dancing, as is only natural when wearing such bright clothes:

The dress!! Dress self-made last weekend, leggings and shoes Target, purse from Brick Lane market in London (5 pound find!)

The chillingness:  After a 4 am home time from clubland, Saturday was delightfully chill.  I slept until 11 (I can’t even remember the last time that happened!), read in bed, sewed, and generally lounged.  I was in such a good mood I even did a clothes cull and fold, getting rid of some old houseclothes and a few lurking closet monstruosities.  The nice day in turned into a nice night in, with pasta puttanesca, sauteed green beans, and plenty of red wine:

Plus scrabble and SNL–because there is great comfort in knowing I can party like I’m 21 one  night and act my age the next.

And today has been more of the same chillaxing.  I had planned on going for a good long swim, but I decided that my bed and house were much too cozy to leave, plus having two rest days after a hard week of workouts would do me a world of good–as would a breakfast of french toast, pineapple, and red grapefruit:

So I read some more, watched the Husband’s football heart break when Aston Villa lost, and sewed all afternoon to the sweet sounds of the Law and Order SVU marathon.  The results of the sewing will be with you tomorrow, I promise, once there’s better light for pictures.  It will definitely be worth the wait for TWO dresses (or so I hope)….

I was so ensconced in the sewathon/marathon that lunch was made for me!  Suggestion Hers, execution HIS.  These delicious egg wraps with salsa prove that the Man can cook without burning the house down (or taking so long that I faint of starvation):

Lunch among the vegetation--tres nice

After which there was more sewing, an afternoon walk among the mosquitos (who seem undeterred by the record heat we’ve been having and seem hungrier than ever), and a dinner of African peanut and vegetable stew over polenta with seasoning peppers:

That’s all for today, folks!  Deep thoughts and careful observations will return tomorrow, but until then I’m enjoying my mental-snooze weekend to the sweet end.

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  1. Your going out outfit is adorable! I always wear black. I’m so boring.

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