A Veritable Fashion Show

Who said New York Fashion Week is where it’s at?  Or that Trinidad and Tobago Fashion Week can’t happen in both July AND March? Fancy fashion weeks, my fashion weekend is ready to take you.   Let the Sartorial Smackdown begin!

I may havespent  most of my weekend relaxing and being mindless, but I also spent a significant amount of it at the sewing machine.  Easy projects never feel like work, especially when I feel like I can’t possible get it wrong (and I get it wrong plenty of times–how many times did you see the black shorts I made for Tobago on this blog?  Exactly.)

First up, we havemy work outfit of the day, a light and bright cotton concotion–perfect for a day of looking purty when you make an entrance with the boss, catching a mean breeze (hang on to your skirts, Scarlett O’Hara style), and patting yourself on the back for having done the menial5 minute job of tacking on the interfacing a full THREE MONTHS after completing the dress, which I started a few weeks before Thanksgiving (seriously now, that may be a procrastination record for me, but y’all know how I hate the piddly bits of sewing):

Next up on the  cat birdwalk we have another refreshing cotton creation, this time a shirtdress with carefully crafted buttonholes (it’s a big deal for me!), oddly-done collar, and meticulously refitted darting.  I’d like to think it’s the sort of shirdress Betty Draper would have worn in 197o’s, with a pattern that would hold up well against the inevitable cocktail spills caused by her drunken indignation at Don Draper.  Or, moving it into the here and now, I can wear it and live the fantasy life of a cheesy travel channel presenter doing an episode on Glamorous Safari (no animal contact required):

And, finally, we have a slinky multi-colored stretch jersey T-shirt creation with a simple, clean, demure neckline:

And a hoochified plunging back to create shoulderblade cleavage a graceful back sillouette:

As I’ve said before, nothing lights the spark of my sewing fires like a quickly-approaching trip.  The looming date on various e-tickets has led to some of my favorite sewn stuff, such as the black and white striped jersey dress hustled up for Christmas 2008 (which didn’t get worn in the end–I ended up borrowing a sister dress):

I loved it when I made it, but now I'm pretty blah on it

The turquoise dress I stayed up half the night to finish in time for a trip to Rome (summer 2008):

Too bad I spilled half a tray of sushi on the front--it's only wearable with a big scarf these days

The blue beachy dress I made for our first trip to Tobago (August 2009):

The 50’s-style black dress made for Mr. Laura’s PhD Thesis Submission Party:

Finished it minutes before heading out the door--I was only fashionably late

And, of course, the Tobago shorts (which haven’t held up so well, after all my cursing and troubles).

Three dresses made for one week in Puerto Rico!  Some may think it excessive, but if they knew how gorgeous and fashionable my entire family is, they’d see it as a perfectly justified sewing frenzy.

The eating it:

I acted like a model for the afternoon but I still ate.  However, there’s no need to bore you with pictures of banana oatmeal and a leftovers mop-up day of pisto (Spanish eggplant and vegetable stew) and white bean, greens and tomato pasta.  So no photos of food today.

The working it:

Oh, I’m SO CLOSE to that sub-30 5K time–34 seconds away, to be exact.  It was a great run, nonetheless, despite it being boiling hot at 6:30 am (it was probably 89 F at that time this morning, shockingly hot even with the record noon highs of 100 F we’ve been getting these days).

I’m off to give quality time to a begging pet.

See you tomorrow!

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  1. Wow! I LOVE the dresses, esp. the split personality demure front/ risque back one! You’ve certainly been busy my dear! Can’t wait to see photos of the dresses modelled in PR.

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