Good Times in San Juan

It is so nice to be here, I think I might never leave.

After a great flight,where I saw plenty of this:

Flying over St. Vincent

Flying over Puerto Rico

I arrived to sisterly fanfare from Baby Bel and aunt:

We went straight to see my grandmother, who makes the best lunches ever (which sadly go unpictured here as I’ve lost the photo in Baby Bel’s computer) and who took us to her regular Thursday afternoon sandwiches-for-the-homeless church meeting:

Baby Bel and the cutie grandma, after making 132 sandwiches

After a visit to my grandfather’s house, we headed back to my aunt’s and spent the night talking and catching up.

The next morning, I woke up to gorgeous sunshine.  Because the forecast was predicting rain by the bucketful all weekend long, Baby Bel and I hustled to get a few hours of beachtime in–but not before having an awesome breakfast of mallorca bread (sweet bread) and acerola juice (a tropical sour cherry juice):

We would have had two hours of awesome weather, had we not gotten epically lost after googlemaps led us astray.  So around and around San Juan we went, two girls looking for beach and being navigated by family members.  I let Baby Bel drive because there’s something inherentlycool about being driven around PR by your youngest sister, and took advantage of the chauffeur service to take lots of pictures:

Eventually, we made it!  Perfect timing, perfect sun, perfect company:

Ocean Park beach

Refreshed by an hour of sun and sand, we hustled back home:

We showered and made it out of the house in half an hour flat, this time off to see my grandfather and aunt, where we had a delicious late lunch of garlicky chicken, red beans and rice, tostones (fried plantain slices) and surullitos (cornmeal and cheddar fritters):

What better way to spend an afternoon than looking at old pictures?

The box o' memories...

Or taking pictures of all the old pictures to preserve them for posterity?

My parents circa 1973

Your girl, 1982, mackin'

My grandfather, the movie star

As soon as the streetlights came on, Baby Bel and I realized it might not be the best idea to unleash our undirected selves on unfamiliar roads at night, in the rain, so we left my grandfather’s house for the safety of home and its safe and well-oriented drivers, who went with us to pick up Lindz at the airport–super sister reunion time!

Baby Bel and Her Hair welcoming Lindz

After which there was more gossip, more catching up, more crazy sister behavior.  Lather, rinse, repeat  until 2 am, when we all crashed.

On the menu today is catching a bevvy of cousins and aunts that I haven’t yet seen and a bit of shopping (new laptop, here I come!), plus all the delicious food and (hopefully) drinks a girl can have.  You’re only thisyoung and in this company in San Juan once, party people…. and I’m going to make the most of it.

5 Responses

  1. Ohhh so jealous you are on a BEACH!! Hope you’re having a blast!!

  2. laura, debes de ir en mayo tanbien…hint hint!

  3. Ahh soo jealous!
    Apparently I may go to Puerto Rico in May… my Dad is taking a class there and he graduates in May so I might go to that. You got me all excited!

    I looove old family photos! Enjoy your time with your familia!

  4. Love the old family photos! Have a great time L!

  5. Oh it looks fantastic! So happy you get to be in such a gorgeous place. And thank you for sharing your family photos, so precious!

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