In Which a Holding Post Is Required Due to Puerto Rico Fun-Having

Oh my dear peeps, I am so sorry for being MIA in the last few days… and for possibly continuing to be so for a day or so more.  There’s been family, fun, and food aplenty to keep me happy (yet away from the blog).  I promise to come back soon and tell you all about it once I can stop and digest it all.  In the meantime, I’ll leave you with some of this:

Old San Juan, near Teatro Tapia (Tapia Theater)


El Morro Fortress, Old San Juan


View from El Morro, Old San Juan


Quesito (sweet cheese pastry, love of my snack life)


Caribbean cherry sorbet, Old San Juan

And this:

Saturday night out at Waiters in San Juan

And this:

Fun with Lindz and trees, Old San Juan

Back with more soon, I solemnly pinky swear.

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