Normalcy, Birthdays, and Pollo Tropical

I was actually really pleased to be back in Trinidad when I woke up yesterday morning.  It’s not that I thought I’d be angry at being here or anything, but I was slightly concerned that having spent such a great week in PR was going to make me seriously grinchy for the next few days.

On Saturday morning,  I managed to successfully have my first breakfast NOT involving mallorca bread in over a week, which also took care of some manky-looking bananas–I love using up stuff that’s about to go bad because it makes me feel ridiculously virtuous and resourceful (rather than cheap, which is what I really am).  The bananas found a home in the oatmeal banana pancakes, which were topped with mangoes from the backyard, which are having a bit of a boomtime at the moment and need to be eaten up quickly:

We had planned to spend the day watching the last few episodes of Mad Men Season 2,  but after one episode Mr. L suggested an impromptu drive to Port of Spain for (get this!) Pollo Tropical, particularly to get his paws on some fried yuca and garlic dipping sauce.  I am never one to turn such a thing down, so off we went, running into an unannounced (or badly advertised, more likely) race around the Savannah:

You know I was cheering....

I wanted to keep watching, but the impromptu Cuban Foodfest beckoned inside:

Black beans and rice (under onion cover), corn, salad, and the raison d'travel, the fried yuca

Keeping with the tropical theme, I hit up a coconut vendor for an icy-cold coconut on the impromptu walk to the Botanical Gardens:

Look ma! No straw!

New benches on the Queen's Park Savannah--a bit of bloom among the drought-parched landscape

Gorgeous plant leaf, Botanical Gardens

My favorite tree formation in all of Trinidad

Resourceful water-grabbing bougainvilleas

There may be plenty of things that could be better about living in Trinidad, but it’s still amazing to me that you can drive twenty minutes into Port of Spain and walk around the Savannah and see the Botanical Gardens for free.

The Pollo Tropical goodness held us over until a late dinner of much-accidented pad thai–I forgot to defrost the tofu, almost burned said tofu and the bok choi, and forgot to pick up cilantro.  Thankfully, pad thai sauce is stronger than burn taste, and it was still a pretty good meal, even though it certainly wouldn’t win any awards in the looks department:

Late dinner = late party arrival.  Late party arrival + appearance of the epic tiredness from the last week’s PR adventures =  early departure from said party.

This morning, I tried to avoid chanting “you’re old! you’re old!” to the lovely Mr. Laura, whose birthday is today.  I made us an egglicious breakfast burrito bonanza for breakfast:

And settled in for a day of relaxing junk-TV watching (Sixteen and Pregnant episode catch-up) and TV ignoration (Barcelona match was on, but I managed to ignore most of it by cooking up a storm in the kitchen).  We also took a lovely walk through the neighborhood, which ended on an itchy, bitten note after we had the not-so-brilliant idea of sitting in the park for a few minutes, thereby giving the mosquitoes their daily dose of Vitamin People.

As for the Big Birthday Dinner:  matzoh ball soup, the usual Mr. Laura birthday fare (who has an unnatural attachment to this soup, despite not even being remotely Jewish):

And birthday brownies, as per manly request:

Presents were also opened and fully appreciated:

Tacky-cool salt and pepper shakers, tacky uncool wallet, less tacky and definitely cool domino set

And now?  We are settling in for the rest of Mad Men and, if tempted, the beginning of what will be a springtime love affair with Dexter.  I know it will be an obsessive relationship, but I just can’t help myself.

3 Responses

  1. Welcome back, lady!! 🙂

  2. Happy Birthday to Mr. Laura!
    Haha I looooove Pollo Tropical! It’s the best part of Florida for me!

    • Aw, I’ll pass on the birthday wishes! It’s too funny, this Pollo Tropical thing–they’ve just opened in Trinidad and I already feel like I should have shares in the company 🙂

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