Happy Ides of March! (In Which New Year’s Resolutions Get Reviewed)

I haven’t a clue how many times I’ve read Julius Caesar, but I was an English major so you can assume the number might be close to a gazillion.  Having no recall for significant things (or most of my literary education), all I clearly remember is that Brutus was in it, a stabbing was involved, and the Ides of March was significant.  The only reasons I remember these things are because (in order) Brutus is a great dog name for runty nippy dogs, I love literary stabbings of all kinds, and Mr. Laura’s birthday is on March 14, the day before the Ides of March. So happy Ides of March to one and all.

This year, I drafted my first-ever list of real New Year’s resolutions (which you can read about here).  Given that I didn’t write them or put them out for the world to see on January 1st, I see no reason why I should assign a particular date (April 1) to the update.  If randomness is where it’s at for me with this, then I’m sticking to it.  And, though the Ides of March is not a day of significant reflection, it is a named day and that’s good enough for me.

So, how am I doing with those resolutions?  See for yourself:

  1. Put less sugar in my oatmeal. I gasp at the three teaspoons it takes sometimes to make me happy in the mornings.  I need to get over it–Well, I’ll be… CHECK.  I now use only a teaspoon of sugar, and I know that amount is cheat-free because I’m such a hurried mess in the mornings that Mr. Laura has taken over oatmeal-making-and-sugarings, and the man is nothing if not literal (if I say one teaspoon, that’s what he adds, and not a speck more). 
  2. Train for a 10K in the fall–should no 10K races be on in Trinidad, I will train as if there was one on or by November 15–Madam here spent some running downtime in early February nursing a slight hamstring/knee/hip injury party (it was a beer-sipping injury party rather than a full-on shots-and-blackout injury party for the involved parts, hypothetically speaking), but I managed to do two days of back-to-back running AND logged two four-mile runs in the last couple of weeks.  So, having upped my highest mileage from 3 to 4 miles successfully and planning on increasing distance gradually to 4 miles for short runs and 5 miles for longer runs in the next two months, and then moving on to the big 6 after that–oy vey, the contingency of it all–I’d say this is a CHECK.  A qualified check, but a check nonetheless.
  3. Manage my time better–but without giving myself stress over it, as I always have–I’m not sure on this one, maybe my nearest and dearest can best evaluate?  I think it’s an overall 3/4 check.  Though I think I’ve been pretty chill about day-to-day time management, I have been known to lose my cool when desperately looking for lunch containers in the morning in the last few months…  which cannot be good and merits a 25 point check deduction.
  4. Eat more crudites as snacks.  Carrots WILL be my friends–Epic fail.  Unless I’m at home, I’m still keeping at my sliced fruit-in-the-bag-slash-container.  I even bought the world’s hugest carrot about two weeks ago to help further the cruditecause.  It’s perversely big.  It remains uneaten.  I think the problem is that I just don’t LOVE plain carrots, cucumbers, or peppers yet, but I know that eating them with dips will make me eat more dip than crudite.  That, and the forbidden dairy thing, make this a harder resolution than I thought.
  5. Organize my sewing stuff so the sewing area doesn’t look like it’s been freshly hit by a tornado–not going to go there….  not even to mention how big of a fail this is. Oops.  I just did.
  6. Be able to swim fifty laps in an hour by the end of the year.  I’m currently at 30 laps in about 50 minutes (or 1:15-1:20 per lap), so I’m aiming high on this one, as it’s a lap in a minute and a second or two–I’m getting there!  Thirty laps in 38-40 minutes seems to be the average at the moment.  I’m going to start increasing laps in some swims and adding speed in others, so I think this one will be in.the.bag.
  7. Write one page a day of prospective material at least three times a week (more at less busy times).  Mamalicious knows what I mean by this–Horrible.  I’m ashamed of myself.  But circumstances and whatnot make me forgive myself on this one–for now.
  8. Make one new recipe a week (I should aim for, say, six new recipes a month, but hitting one a week will do)–it’s a CHECK indeed!  Many new things have been tried and will continue to be tried, all without spending my tiny life savings on cookbooks.
  9. Pitch some writing ideas (either for completed or tailor-written pieces) for publication in the great big Out There–um, no.  See number 7.  But I have thought of some ideas for future pitching; does that count?
  10. Keep a clean, debris-and-rotting-fruit-free handbag at all times–surprisingly, it’s a CHECK.  It really should be a check plus because the two currently-rotated handbags are the size of a small house and so it is very hard work to make sure I search both of them completely every night (especially since one has a broken lining, aka The Great Junk Abyss).  As of March 15, I am proud to report that I have yet to find any rotting fruit inside my handbag in 2010.
  11. Act like I’m New Stress-Free Laura on Christmas Break at least 75% of the time.  The world did not end when I did not cook/clean/etc. exactly when I wanted to over the break. Lesson learned–so I plan on digging the laissez-faire this year–Let’s see… Maybe 66% check?  It would have been 50%, but I am proud to report that I spent the whole last weekend blissfully chilled-out and lazy, as in the clothes that were pulled out of the dryer on Friday night are still piled up, unfolded, on my couch, because better things to do than put away socks (like watch Dexter, go to the Botanical Gardens in an impromptu fashion, and generally lounge like a tanned beach bunny, but on the couch).  So I am inordinately pleased at the piled-up clothes and lack of mess mania on my part from this weekend. As if living in semi-squalor were a good thing…  But doing so happily is a very big deal for me.

Hmmm….  If we count any percentage of checks as a full check (given that it means I’ve addressed the resolution), that’s eight out of ten resolutions remembered and taken into consideration.  Statistically, it’s 72.72 percent.  Since I’m going by the Canadian grading system because it’s more favorable to me at the moment (and because I am entitled to use it having put in quality grad school time at McGill), that’s a B+, so I can definitely call it success.

Had I known this whole resolution bidness would be this simple, I would have given myself even more resolutions!  Well, more of the easy kind, anyway–just to boost numbers and morale.


I went on my first run since March 3, having only run after fried foods in Puerto Rico, and was particularly pleased that

  • my new sneakers didn’t take a chunk off my foot, and
  • my new sports bra made my ponytail the single part of me with any bounce.

Long live new gear!  It made my 3 miles so much lovelier, as did the shuffle playlist function of the ipod (yes, Little A, I used shuffle after smack-talking it over Christmas–I’m shameful, I know).

After trying to cool my jets under cold water and the fan (because it was HOT this morning), I gussied myself up for my first day back thusly:

The whole

Fabric close-up

I love this self-made wrap dress and all its satiny-stretchy-cotton goodness, but I miss the brown and green wedges I used to wear it with.  The pewter Target flats are fine, but those faux croc-skin wedges with the yellow-green velvet bow were made by the Spanish shoe-gods for that dress, and I am mourning their sole-lessness at the moment.

For breakfast, I managed to shove my banana oatmeal down my gullet while simultaneously fixing my hair in the car.  I was too busy trying to keep myself from eating my own hair and not vomiting from eating so soon after running, all during the hair-raising five-minute drive to work, hence no picture.

For lunch, I was unceremoniously made to wait until 2 pm at a meeting that went WAY late, and since it was a very official/important/hobnobby kind of work lunch, I couldn’t get myself to bring out the camera and explain the need to photograph my lunch (white rice, yellow lentil dal, curry chicken, curry goat, green beans, and stewed okra, generously doused in pepper sauce).  It was good and spicy–because, you know, the thing you want to feed your whispering interpreters is a pile of garlic, onion and pepper–and I enjoyed every single late, long-awaited bite.  But hence, no picture.

For dinner, a fridge clearout was well overdue, so I grilled up my leftover medianoche (Cuban) sandwich and had it with some cream of cauliflower and some tortilla chips with newly-discovered local Matouk’s brand salsa, which is currently rocking my universe in a fabulously cheap way:

That’s all for today, folks!  I’m off to nurture my new Dexter obsession, as duly predicted…. May nothing come between me and my DVD player tonight.

6 Responses

  1. DO you add PB or agave nectar to your oats? I add fruit to my oats also, for my sweet tooth.

    • Sadly, no agave nectar to be found on this island! I might have to snag some next time I hit some mainland… As for the PB, I’ve tried, but I just can’t do pb oats (and that’s the only nut I’m not allergic to, so the wonders of almond and cashew butter are lost on me!) But fruit definitely works wonders.

  2. I love your pretty dress and your resolution #4…I used ot hate carrots too but now I love them and can eat them with salsa or hummus. So delicious and so good for you! Cucumbers are also good, and bell peppers. Can you tell I love crudite?

  3. I can’t necessarily eat STRAIGHT UP raw vegetables in great quantities (although actually have you tried ENGLISH cucumbers? They’re actually really good raw and have a bit more heft to them- and are less watery- than regular).
    But why not use just a little bit of a proteiny dipper like hummus or (with carrots and celery, at least) a nut butter?

  4. Loooove the dress! Too cute!

    It sounds like you’re doing great on your resolutions! I give you a A! I should really evaluate my progress on mine!

  5. Those are awesome updated goals lady! Can’t wait to read about how you achieve them!

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