Swim? Sew? Neither–But a Girl Can Dream

It’s a day of almosts and hypotheticals around here.

My swim today almost happened, but didn’t.  I pranced to the pool, donned the new bathing suit:

And slathered up in sunscreen.  I went to grab my goggles and voila!  They were MIA (or rather, chilling in the drawer I moved them to a few days ago).  Frustration ensued, as did a questioning of the necessity of seeing where I was swimming–it was a yes, so the swim was a no.  Damn.  After working up the courage to show stomach to the two and a half other lunchtime swimmers I see…  Oh well, maybe tomorrow I’ll brave a double workout day, because it’s boiling hot and I’m dying for some pool time.

The sewing hypothetically could have happened, but I have a guilt problem, you see, and it is caused by this:

My clothes-to-be-fixed pile.

You see, I’ve told myself that no new sewing will take place until at least two nip-tuck-needing items are fixed.  And, given that I sew in twos (if not three or fours), it would take just one fitting and pinning to fix two entire items.   But fixing items would involve:

  • bringing out the machine and peripherals, which would mean finding another place to plug in the laptop, which is clearly more than I can handle
  • doing piddly little sewing stuff that I find heinous, which would lead to a bad disposition, which would lead to a decreased appreciation of the Law and Order SVU marathon that gives my TV life meaning each Tuesday night

So for now, I’ll dream of all the lovely things I’d like to be making were I not such a lazy madam about easy mending.

For starters, there would be the beautiful Alexander blouse from Burdastyle:

(Picture taken from the printed-out direction of the pattern, which I bought from Burdastyle.com)

Blouse sketch (from printed-out directions of pattern bought on Burdastyle.com)

With this gorgeous, slightly sheer polka-dot chiffon that I bought a few weeks ago:

Trinidad one-cent coin added for scale

There would also be more T-shirt dresses like my self-drafted tie-neck dress and low-back dresss, with other neckline and sleeve variations, as well as simple skirts like this one (snapped while taking pictures at the Old San Juan pigeon park):

And blouses like this gorgeous one from Colette patterns (picture taken from their awesome website):

This is the kind of blouse my new shorts are crying out for

Or some of the more detailed variations of this McCall’s pattern (of which I’d make all except the plain red version):

All in the big bright prints that I love or the saturated brilliant colors that rock my world, these things would make my closet a much happier place.

So, since neither swimming nor sewing rocked my world today, I depended on my food (and the ever-reliable Detectives Stabler and Benson) to do so, in the form of oatmeal banana pancakes from Sunday, warmed up and topped with kiwi, mango, and a sprinkle of syrup:

A black bean, tomato, lettuce, onion, cucumber salad with home-made mango dressing that hadn’t been made in years (and has been thoroughly missed–how could I forget how good this is?):

And African sweet potato, vegetable and peanut stew, which was made a few weeks ago and left in the freezer for the Husband to eat while I was in Puerto Rico for a rainy day:

And though my outfit was neither exceptionally colorful or well-planned (it was selected because it was clean):

It was a great blankish slate for me to wear the beautiful pin my grandmother gave me when I left Puerto Rico last week:

Which, in and of itself, pretty much made my day.

Which items are you currently coveting for your spring closet?

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