Hip Knee Hooray!

I will interrupt this unscheduled migraine for some great news:

My knees are fine!

I had a scheduled and anxiety-causing appointment with the orthopedic surgeon today, which was probably making me lose all kinds of sleep and whatnot over the last few days.  I was truly petrified that he’d tell me to stop running and swimming because A) I’m obsessive like that and B) I haven’t had the best medical experiences in Trinidad (understatement of the century, but I’ll just leave it at that).

In fact, the looming visit to the doctor was one of the main reasons for my two-day run-swim-run bonanza, in which I ran 4 miles and swam yesterday, then ran 3 slow but satisfying miles today.    Besides my curiosity about what triathlon training might be like, I was also hellbent on getting a few last great runs and swims in, lest the man take all my (workout) fun away.

But he didn’t!  He went over my medical history and asked about my knee and workout history, looked at my knees, bent my legs a bit, felt my kneecaps (but not in a painful prodding way), and told me that my knees were A-OK.   It’s not an injury or even the dreaded chondromalacia  –it’s just a touch of patellofemoral pain syndrome and some illiotibial band (ITB) tightness, as I had suspected.  Because I’ve had both the patellofemoral thang and ITB before (and so severely that they each grounded me for four to six months) and I have one crazy Q-angle (the angle at which your hip bone meets the knee, basically–thanks, Acosta wide hips!),  I’m particularly prone to slight flare-ups of both issues, though he assured me that they can be controlled–and that I’d been doing a great job of doing so by being vigilant and increasing distance so slowly.

Dr. Wonder Doctor also noted that he was very encouraged by the fact that there was no swelling anywhere near my old lady knees.  Verdict:  he sees no reason why I can’t keep training up to run and swim longer distances as long as I take it easy and build up distances slowly and carefully, do some recommended strengthening exercises like it’s my job, and stretch like a mofo.  Hmm, do you see half marathon bling in my future?  I do, if I squint hard enough.

He also gave me tips about hill running (no running down hills, which I’ll take to mean no running UP hills either, no loss because I hate hills) and shoe wearing (namely, stop wearing superflat flats and get thee to a shoe shop for wedges), and gave big-ups to England for its amazing running weather.

You have to love a doctor that runs marathons, cures all that ails the West Indies international cricket team (hello, total celebrity in my book!) AND orders me to go shoe-shopping.

So that is the state of affairs around here, and if I didn’t have a mean migraine, I’d be celebrating the good news with a glass of something cold, maybe bubbly, and definitely alcoholic.

Nope, not this stuff--my news merits better toasting than weird duty-free wine and a cooler still left from a party we had in 2008

Because it’s migraine-central around here, I’ve been less than vigilant about taking pictures of food (and haven’t been hungry since my post-run, pre-migraine banana oatmeal), so no lunch pics of my picked-at leftover pad thai or said oatmeal.  The exception?  Today’s tacos:  lentils boiled and then simmered with taco seasoning, served in slightly toasted/almost burnt corn shells and topped with lettuce, tomato, onion, and my new food love, locally-made Matouk’s salsa:

I will also spare you the boredom of my outfit today, which was engineered selected to be doctor-examination friendly–loose skirt if he needed to look at my legs, long top in case he made me take said skirt off–rather than sartorially sassy.  There is very little that is sassy or blogworthy about a purple elbow-length sleeve dark purple t-shirt worn with a black A-line skirt, even if paired with magenta shoes.

However, if you want to see exactly what I wish I’d worn today, hop on over to the lovely Gertie and her lovely blog (Gertie’s New Blog for Better Sewing) and check out her mad sewing skillz and eye for color.  Come to think of it, this is what I wish I could wear most days–and as soon as my schedule clears a bit, me and my sewing machine are definitely going to do something about it.

2 Responses

  1. haha…slightly burnt taco shells eh? i remember some VERY burnt taco shells, and some very large firemen EN NUESTRA cocina!! puhahahaha!!

  2. Ahhh last year when I got injured I was sure I had like…arthritis. Awful!! I’m glad you’re okay!!

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