In Which My Sewing Obsession Might Require Critical Intervention

I wish I didn’t need to sleep (or work, for that matter) because all I want to do is sew.

I don’t know if it’s a byproduct of time away from my sewing machine, or if it’s the natural result of having ticked various important must-buy items off my wardrobe list (shorts! cute well-fitting shorts! more specifically these, these in white and navy, and a version of these cut to above the knee), but I am just exploding with sewlust.

In the last twenty-four hours alone, I have:

  • paused recorded TV shows and gone up close and personal to the TV to observe the detailing of a particularly foxy item of clothing
  • trawled the Big Four patternmakers (McCall’s, Simplicity, Butterick, Vogue) for blouse patterns–and found none to scratch my itch
  • daydreamed about three or four dresses that I have that can be DIY’d into something else
  • decided that I will take the dark orange lining off the curtains given to me by the Most Fabulous S and use them to make something special and new
  • imagined the dangerous combination of envy and aggression suffered by my sisters should I arrive with a suitcase full of gorgeously-sewn tops, dresses and skirts on my next visit home (and decided that it would be worth it to set the reaction off, even if it means Little A doesn’t let me ride her bike Priya this time)
  • threatened to nip, tuck, shorten or slash every item of clothing I’ve touched

This bout of sewmania is actually a bit scary.  It’s making me contemplate things like freezing my bank cards and asking Mr. L to hide the car keys so I can’t drive (and therefore be tempted to visit my fabric store).

The only solution, of course is to sew things that somehow appease the sewing beast within, such as gorgeous applique tops a la Frocks and Frou Frou, Or, in a potential sewing binge brought to you by lengthy gawping at Anthropologie’s website,  a strapless blouse like the Anthropologie Salitre top, in a big bolshy print or, heaven help me, stripes:

Or this gorgeousness, the Anthropologie Tiny Tucks blouse, in a ditsy (small flower) pattern and airy gauzy cotton, made by fingers of mine that, in making this top, will learn how to do tucks properly:

Or maybe even Anthropologie’s chambray tunic, in a bold solid color or something plaid, to go with my new and shameful love for leggings:

Or even going a bit nautical on something like this Anthropologie Striped Pursuits top–it’s the only way I can get nautical without nausea:

And, because (dresses aside) a girl can’t hide live in shorts, blouses and leggings alone, I’d just have to make a knockoff of this Anthropologie Pollen Promise skirt, but more mini than that because I’m feeling a bit exhibitionist about my running/swimming legs these days:

Sigh.  Not enough hours in the day.

But…..  In the hours of the day that I DID have today, I wore one of my favorite dresses (which I’m tempted to hem up by a couple of inches–see what I mean about being a sewphiliac?):

Performing bird calls--or something--in the not-so-gentle breeze

Put away some great eats:

French toast with softened cinammon apples and syrup--note still-high level of treasured maple syrup, brought home from the States in January

Last night's taco-seasoned lentils in burrito bowl--delicious despite under-ripe tomatoes and forgotten tortilla chips (which I left on the kitchen counter)

Awesome shrimp-squid-chicken Singapore noodles, ginger-garlic Chinese vegetables, and Hoegarden beer, plus questionable (read: gross) egg roll

Oh yes, and I swam too–30 very relaxed laps in a new, very sleek and funky tankini fit for lounging in a pool chair with an icy daiquiri in hand after the swim (reality check:  I gulped down a bit of water before rushing back to the office, but it was still great.)  I might not have all the time in the world to sew myself a new item each day, but I’m pretty lucky to have a nice pool 200 feet from my desk–and the hot weather to enjoy it year-round.

2 Responses

  1. How gorgeous is that picture of the stripey top and flowery skirt? I want it!!
    Loved your story of hula hoops on the train to coventry! Excellent no-sleep technique…!

  2. Ah Anthropologie, how I love your sale section (aka the only part of the store I can afford!). Great homewares stuff, too.

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