Food Love, From Me To You

Today, friends, it’s all about the food love.

As I mentioned yesterday, I’ve been very lax in recipe posting or making things that look gorgeous on a plate–a combination of being pinched for time, somewhat uninspired, and lazy when I DO have time to cook are the culprits.

But there’s no reason why I should inflict my deficiencies on you.

So, here’s the deal:  I’ve put three of my regular, weeknight-go-to, so-tired-I-chop-the-onions-on-autopilot recipes on the Chomping Shop pages:

White Bean Pasta

Curried Chickpeas and Tofu

Chinese Eggs, My Wife Danni  Style

All three of these are quick to throw together, freeze well (for the white-bean sauce, freeze the sauce and then, on eating day, make the pasta), are wholesome and healthy, and can be made with minimal shopping prep (and let you replace any fresh items with pantry, canned stuff).

Oh yeah, and they are most delicious, too.


Onto the usual business of…

The day’s wearings:

The H and M top was on clearance back in 2007 (5 pounds-ish), the same old dotted Marshall’s skirt that you’ve been seeing for the last few months (it fits, whereas most of my other stuff needs fixing), and some shiny black patent Target heels that have gathered a thick coat of dust since I last wore them in, oh, December.  The orthopedic surgeon told me last week to switch up my shoes and not wear such flat shoes all the time–I’m not sure he meant for me to teeter on 5-inch heels, though…

The day’s shakings:

I ran four miles this morning.  Or, I ran three miles and dragged my feet for one mile this morning.  Blech–not feeling it this morning, and I even got to thinking about how maybe I don’t want to run a half-marathon in a year.  However, that particular thought came at mile 3.4, so I’m chalking it up to the heat, humidity, and migraine-drained feeling (from this weekend).  Another 4-miler is on the books for Friday and I am going to whomp it and show today’s run who’s boss.

The day’s eatings:

Oooh, my first morning Green Monster!  It was had in my carnival cup, thus putting goodness where rum and whiskey were meant to be:

I would have snapped a pic of the actual contents, but I didn’t want to risk co-worker opprobrium and stares over the green thing frothing out of my green cup.

The Kind Mr. also brought me a Wednesday treat in the form of a Subway ham and egg sandwich, with plenty of pepper sauce and garlic sauce:

As for lunch, I can gladly proclaim it was cat food (i.e. sardine mush) free!  Salad was back on, with a mix of white beans, celery, scallion, green peppers, tomatoes, and mustardy-hot sauce dressing peeking through the shrubbery:

And dinner?  Curried chickpeas and tofu:

I love this recipe, and I love it even more for having been banned from making it in my mother’s kitchen when I was 18.  She wasn’t into turmeric-stained pans, I wasn’t into meat.  Good times….

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