Weekend Update: Party, Eat, Repeat

A big thanks to all of  y’all for your support about my job quittings!  It means a lot to me, and it’ll help me get through the last month until I’m a free (ish) girl on May 1.

Friday Night:  Eat and Party, Part 1

In celebration of my giving notice and the Mr.’s birthday (two weeks late) and general gluttony, we decked ourselves out for a night of food and drinks–well, I did, anyway:

We headed to our favorite Indian place.  It’s a bit surreal to go to the best Indian restaurant in Trinidad and park in a big shopping center (Grand Bazaar), see everyone gearing up for a crazy night out in said shopping center, and hear thumping club music through the walls of the very sedate, serene, and alcohol-free Rasam Restaurant, but that’s how the cookie crumbles if you want top-class Indian food here:

We ordered a round of poppadoms and chutney and were beyond delighted to get sorrel chutney with the more standard mango-tamarind chutney and pepper sauce:

We also ordered starters but, as we were two of maybe five people dining (and had a late 9pm reservation) the kitchen was mighty speedy and we got our food all at once:

The potatoes were tangy and crisp, my Keralan fish curry was coc0nutty and spicy with cumin and curry leaves, and the Man’s paneer with peas (of which I stole a cube) was fiery and out of this world.   I ate so much that the thought of ordering one of their sublime gulab jamuns didn’t even cross my mind–I already felt like one.

Since we weren’t in the “go clubbing at our local shopping center” mood (not that we’ve ever been), we drove to Port of Spain for a drink on our favorite Ariapita Avenue hangout, Shakers.  It’s a great bar with a decent, sweetly Western-themed indoors, but the main draw is always the outdoor seating in a patio enclosed by hedges (with enough holes to properly people-watch the Ariapita scene), palms, and mango trees:

Unfortunately, though, two people who work as hard as we do are two people who have enough energy for just one drink, so that’s exactly what we had, but we spent a very lovely hour or so outside (albeit cramped into a corner and surrounded by what seemed to be a big party that kept growing and growing) before heading back home and crashing. Yeah, I might do well at Carnival shenanigans for three days straight, but these days I want my sleep more than a buzz–and I needed to be all fresh and rested for the next day’s Mexican feast.

Saturday:  Eat and Party, Part 2

I woke up all abuzz for the night of major food ahead, made a list of all that needed to be done (because if it’s not on a list, I forget everything) and started on the day’s cookathon for the night’s dinner party, for which I served:

  • Red bean hummus
  • Creamy spinach dip
  • Crudites, toasted pitas, potato chips
  • Black bean chili
  • Chipotle and garlic chicken
  • Mexican rice
  • Fixings:  lettuce, tomato, sour cream, tortilla chips
  • Lemon bars

Since chili (like most stews) is always better a day or two after a few days of hanging around, I’d already made that on Thursday, and I’d made the red bean hummus and marinated the chicken on Friday.  So the only real things left to do were to bake the lemon bars (terrifying prospect, baking in my psycho, old, high-maintenance oven), cut up the fixings and crudites, toast the pitas, make the spinach dip, cook the rice, and grill the chicken right before dinner (on the George Foreman–I don’t mess with fire) and reheat the  chili reheating on the stove.

For whatever karmic reasons, all the good dinner party vibes aligned and I did not burn anything and was actually really pleased with how everything turned out!  There was tons of food:

And it came out exactly as I had hoped:

The food was good, the company even better, and the Coronas flowed ice-cold all night long.

Sunday:  The Lazy Sunday Taskmistress Revels in Her Laziness (Sort Of)

Having gone to bed at around 2 am, I had no intention of waking up to go to the market this morning.  However, I was annoyingly awake at 8:45, and at 9:15 I gave up on trying to go back to sleep, so I went to the market and did a tiny Sunday swim on the way back–tiny because I ran into a few friends at the pool and my mouth got more of a workout than my arms–but the chatting was nice and it’s just more incentive to do a few run/swim days this week.

After the exertions of running my mouth in the pool and snagging free bananas at the market, I was starving and made a breakfast fit for a quitting queen:

I also took a stab at making some soursop juice, as Mr. Laura had brought back a surprise soursop from the supermarket yesterday.  Have you seen these before?

To make soursop juice my aunt Annie’s way, you cut the soursop:

And separate the fruit from the big seeds:

Then, you add a cup or two of water and blend like crazy until the water and  fruit are blended:

Then strain, mix with a cup or two more of water, add a touch of lemon and sugar, if you want it sweeter, and drink up:

Made this way, it’s really refreshing and has a thick texture, almost like a very liquid smoothie; the Husband said it tastes a bit like banana, but with more lemon.  I’m not sure I can taste anything like banana, but then I’ve had this as a little girl so to me soursop tastes like soursop, so take his word for it.  Either way, I’d highly recommend giving it a shot–you’ll feel all tropical and such afterwards.

The rest of the day proceeded lazily with a bit of sewing:

A bit of napping, a bit of a neighborhood walk:

And a LOT of Dexter.  Ah, entertaining–you cook and clean and have lots of leftovers and a spotless house the next day, the better to be lazy the next day.

I’m off to get an early night of sleep!  I have FOUR MILES–there, I announced it–tomorrow morning and I’m not letting them get the best of me like they did on Friday…

4 Responses

  1. That black dress looks AMAZING on you!
    Looks like a great spread!! YUM!

    • Aw, thanks for the dress love! I’m pretty smitten with it (Forever 21, three weeks ago–it may still be there if you look!) even though it’s redefined my notions of short (Rachel, it’s seriously Standing Room Only!)

  2. ooh lala miss thang, de donde es ese traje negro?! que cute! es un freakum dress!

  3. Great dress! I’m having dress envy now. Ooh Rasam food looked lovely but the Mexican feast looked even better.

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