A Lazy Holiday Observed

I had great plans for today’s day off from work (thanks to Spiritual Baptist Day here in Trinidad).  I was going to cut and paste a new dress pattern, delete and organize pictures on my computer, make a batch of veggie burgers to freeze, and maybe even finish my book (Temptations of the West, by Pankaj Mishra, in case you’re interested in reading about modernity and rebellion in South Asia) so I could start a new one.

None of that happened because lazy holiday malaise struck–in the best possible way.

So, instead of spending my day scrubbing stuff, I dressed like Swiss Miss would if she went to Sweden for a holiday (and forgot her skirt):

Top from the Indian expo in 2008 (50 TT, or approximately $8 US), shorts from Old Navy last month ($19.99)

Then had a leisurely breakfast of cornmeal pancakes with strawberry jam and mango:

That might be the last of my tree's mangos until July, sigh...

And got to slooow work on the test Alexander blouse, inserting and then fixing both the button loops and the peplum flounce:

Fidgety button loops

After which time I stuffed my face with the sole purpose of clearing the fridge of leftovers, hence the chipotle chicken and red bean hummus wrap (and, um, some tortilla chips, which I have no idea how got on my plate–my life will be better once I don’t have to resist their kryptonite appeal, so I hope the Husband eats them all soon):

I will never again cook that much chicken at once--but it's still tasty

I had also planned on making a soup today, but watching Dexter and doing blouse work kept me so busy that I decided to have a British Throwback Night of jacket potatoes, the Husband’s with baked beans and cheese and mine with tuna and a huge green salad:

Mmmm.... The taste of Coronation Street, student poverty, and happy days

And that’s how the day was spent.  Did I even fold the towels that I put in the dryer this morning? But of course not.  I may not have grown up with Shouter Baptist Day in my holiday repertoire, but I know how to observe a holiday–oh, and I’m scared that the Shouter Baptists might come and scream at me if I do too much on their special day.

Good night!


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  1. You get mangos off your own tree?!?!?!?

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