Having an Easter Weekend Food Baby, Part I

I don’t think the baby Jesus or the big Jesus meant for me to eat thusly, Lent or no Lent.  But whatever–I don’t go to church or any of the rest, so I’m sure my food celebration ticks the “lapsed Catholic/Episcopal/whatever” religious observance box nicely.

So yesterday, I had all intentions of procuring some light and refreshing sushi.  However, the Husband had a light lunch and was starving, so we settled for something else.  Something else being pizza, for the second time in the day for me!  Sounds like a poor college student’s dream, right?  Not with this delicious pizza–I’d say my Thai pizza with peanut-ginger sauce, peppers, tomatoes, onions and chicken (no cheese, yay!) was right out of a slightly-wealthier grad student’s wildest dreams (well, it was for me because it reminded me of my favorite pizza from Pizzadelic circa Montreal grad school days):

With Mr. Laura's spinach-mushroom pizza and our suspiciouisly rumless rum punches

As was the order of vegetable spring rolls we had to start:

All that food was had at Trader Joe’s, my new favorite pizza joint in Trinidad.  Who’d have ever thought I’d derive such culinary and entertainment joy from a big multiplex cinema complex?  Yep, only in Trinidad:

Oh well–at least they give you mints with your check (which you can then  hide in your cheek during pictures) and you can wear jeans for the night out:

Shorts from Old Navy, top from Kohl's clearance rack, belt from a Target dress and shoes from Target, bag from Zara in Spain

Enough extravagant  food for one weekend?  Oh my dears, how little you know me if you think so!  This morning, I woke up with a mean hankering for a simple banana oatmeal, probably because I knew I could eat it from the proper ceramic bowl and at my sloooow leisure (it being a day off and all), so that’s exactly what I had on the swing outside:

It tasted of calm and good mood (especially since I wasn’t looking at work email while eating, for once).

For dinner, I made sure to be good and observant (of the familia’s food traditions, mind) and had the usual Good Friday Mamalicious house fare that I look forward to so much each year–salt cod salad with salt cod, onion, tomato, and hardboiled egg in a very simple vinaigrette (serenata, which means serenade, we call it), Cuban black beans over rice, and some boiled yuca drizzled with olive oil and vinegar:

If there’s saltcod and black beans within 100 miles of me, you can bet that I will make this on any given Good Friday.  Ask the Mr. how many times he had to hit up the Jamaican stand at Coventry market back in the day for corroboration–he has some good memories of Good Friday-food scavenging.

And, in other Good Friday news, may I announce the final outing of my red sari-material dress?

Sandals courtesy of Little A, who handed them down to me

Back in Britain, I used to get my fabric from the Foleshill High Street in Coventry, which had amazing Indian fabric shops.  I bought the fabric for this in a bundle of fabric meant for a salwar kameez and dupatta set (the wide pants, tunic, and shawl) and was so into the fabric that I got up one Sunday at 6 am to start the dress (and finished it in one day).  Sadly, the silky shawl material is just not meant to be sewn into as I sewed into it, and all the seams have started to rip and fray, to no fixing avail, so the dress is being retired after tonight.   Just don’t be surprised if it comes back to life as a skirt.

I’m going to spend the rest of the night lounging like the dog did with his coconut earlier:

And will be back tomorrow with tons of pics of a day at the beach tomorrow!  North Coast hairpin-winding road, bake and shark,  and Blanchiseusse beach, here I come…

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