Foodie Friday, Trini Tales, And Double Duty Day

This post will do as it says, because the alliterating do not lie (well, maybe they do, but I never do–I’m the world’s Reigning Worst Liar).

Foodie Friday

I’d like to say that this will be the beginning of a beatiful thing, with me posting a new recipe each Friday.  So I wil try to take control of my fickleness and stick to it.  Today’s offering, in keeping with the Trini theme, is national specialty Callalloo and Coocoo, a luscious coconutty green stew over bright yellow green-speckled cornmeal.  It’s one of my favorite new things to make, and the fact that it’s got a cool alliterative title doesn’t hurt either, so go check it out at the Chomping Shop.

Trini Tales

Or, “File Under:  Bemused.”  One of the most valuable aspects of living abroad for an extended period of time is being able to notice the subtleties that make where you live unique and special.  There’s more to my Trini life than Carnival dreaming and beach lounging… So I look forward to bringing you more of these, as and when they happen–which is whenever and anyhow, as everything else in Trinidad.

Today’s Trini Tale:  The Wrong Number Drama

So, in my humble US/UK/Puerto Rico/Canada experience, this is what the standard wrong number call sounds like:

{Phone rings.  I pick it up.]

Me:  Hello?

Caller:  Yes, can I speak to Mr. Jones/Paco Taco/Hoochie Hotpants, please?

Me: I’m sorry,  it seems you have the wrong number.

Caller:  Oh, sorry.  Thank you.  Bye.

Me:   Bye.

[We both hang up. End of story.]

But noooo, that is NOT how a wrong number goes down here.  Trust me, it happens at least once a day when I’m at home, and though there are a few variations (more on which later), this is the usual way the call will transpire:

[Phone rings.  I pick it up.]

Me:  Hello?

Caller:  [silence]

Me:  Hello?

Caller:  Yes?  [silence]

Me:  Can I help you?

Caller:  Yes?  Who is this?

Me:  Um, you seem to have the wrong number.

Caller:  Hello?  Who is this?

Me:  Who are you looking for?  Because I think you have the wrong number.

Caller:  Hello?  Who is this?  Is Charles/Dr. Dirtyburd/Your Mom there?

Me:  No, you have the wrong number.

Caller:  Oh ho?!  Who is this?

Me:  It’s the WRONG NUMBER!

Caller:  Oh, so Charles/Dr. Dirtyburd/Your Mom not there?  Who are you?

Me:  No, I’m sorry but you have the wrong number.

Caller: Ohhh hoo…. well…..

[Caller says something I can’t understand to person near them and hangs up.  I slam the phone down in vexation.]

After a year and a half here, I still cannot understand why this happens.  I mean, why do I need to identify myself when it’s clear to you that I’m not the person you’re looking for?  I used to think that that maybe the callers questioned me because the lines were bad.  But no, the lines here are perfectly fine.  Is it that people don’t pay attention when they call others?  That only old people dial a number similar to mine and therefore it’s a matter of my number being one digit off from the National Hard Of Hearing Hotline?  I don’t understand.  The only possible option is that, seeing as how everyone in Trinidad claims to know everyone else in Trinidad, they think that if they ask me enough questions they’ll figure out I’m so-and-so’s second cousin’s wife.  Sorry, but I’m an arrivee–not going to happen.

And let’s not even get into what happens if you call the wrong telephone number–Mr. Laura once made that mistake and got a whole weekend’s worth of annoying and threatening phone calls from the boyfriend of the wrong numberee, who wanted to know why his girlfriend was getting phonecalls from this “foreign man.”

Lesson?  If you’re going to call a wrong number in Trinidad, just call mine.  I’ll get vexed, but I won’t hang up on you–or threaten to chop you with my machete.

And, finally….

Double Duty Day:

Two great workouts (morning three mile run and lunchtime 30-lap swim), two ways of wearing my jeans today–for work:

The 4:45 Freedom Friday Shot--top and shoes Target, jeans Marks and Spencer, glee mine all mine

Print detail and earring shot

And for play (dinner and a movie date night):

Top from Marshall's in Puerto Rico

Off to munch… Have a great Friday!

One Response

  1. Haha! I love that phone conversation! I’ve definitely had that happen!
    I love the print detail on the flower blouse! Very lovely!

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