The Big Anniversary Post: In Which I Show My Itsy Bitsy Grinchy Heart

Before I get into the daily roundup of eats, wears, and moves, I need to give bigups to the Husband.  You see, it’s our ten-years-together anniversary today (not our wedding shammiversary, which is more a joke holiday to us).  Because he’s generally a nicer person than me, he’s described it perfectly:  “a decade of love sweet love. One anniversary, ten years, 4 countries, five houses, one dog and endless hilarity.”  (Maybe he should be writing this blog?  Hmmm…)

Now, I don’t usually go in for gushing sweetness, in person or in blog, dues must be given to the man who so sweetly puts up with me.

Therefore, as the only picture you’ll get of the blog-appearance-shy husband is something like this:

I’ll just give you fifteen reasons why the Husband and rocks, as filtered through my own silly and selfish sensibilities–one reason for each year together, plus a few more because they’re too good to leave off the list:

  1. He makes my coffee–and oatmeal–every morning exactly the way I like them.
  2. He does ridiculous funny things like rotate the plants so they get even sunlight during the week,  and his eagle-eye vigilance keeps me in constant supply of avocados, mangos, oranges and sapodillas, the yard free of splatted and/or rotten fruit, and the house abreast of the latest iguana goings-on in the trees.
  3. He dresses like Dexter and rocks the Miami cool look.
  4. He wasn’t scared off by the fact that I (gently yet very obviously) stalked him when I first met him–in fact, he liked it.
  5. He is absolutely kick-ass at his work.  Like, really, REALLY good.
  6. He makes great chocolate mousse, and I don’t even really like chocolate.
  7. He never eats my expensive peanut butter because he prefers the cheaper, creamy stuff.
  8. He’s known my family for ten years, gets along great with them, and can understand everything they say in Spanish.
  9. He works super late into the night so we can have quality chillout time while I’m awake.
  10. He plans the best surprises:  he has gotten me a surprise trip to Spain, a surprise trip to Puerto Rico last month, and flew my mom to England for my birthday as a surprise one year.
  11. He is the most thoughtful present-giver ever:  I get things that I didn’t even know I wanted, wouldn’t ever dare to ask for, or didn’t even know existed–all of which make my life so much better.
  12. He did our laundry for three years in England, dragging it through rain and sleet and grungy neighborhoods to the laundromat, and never ruined a single item of clothing.  EVER.
  13. He makes the biggest piles of clean dishes on the dish draining tray and they don’t fall down.
  14. He is practical and no-nonsense like my mother, and gets fevered obsession over his hobbies like my father–both in the best possible way.
  15. He pretends that the dog loves us equally, though we both know the dog loves him more–just so I don’t feel bad.

Sap, sniffle, stop.   Display over.

So… This morning I woke up with full intentions of doing a 4-mile run, with stars in my eyes from the last 4-miler which went so well.  Unfortunately, my stomach had other plans for me, and four miles turned into two miles as I tried not to have a stomach meltdown.  I must say, though, that it might be good for me to have quasi-meltdowns more often–I ran at a badass 8:15 pace towards the end.  Regardless of the fact that it was motivated by the need to lie down and die for a few minutes, not bad at all.

The stomach subsided enough for a great lunchtime swim (to make up for the morning run fail) and some lunch, this time a salad of lettuce, tomato, peppers, cucumber, red kidney beans, and a mix of vinaigrette and BBQ sauce (which had to get eaten because I don’t re-pour things into the big jar once they get portioned into tupperware).  Where’s the picture, you ask?  Good question–I ate the salad and the camera ate the picture.  Sorry, y’all.

In the afternoon, I had a serious talk with my stomach and implored it to be on best behavior because we had reservations for dinner at Veni Mange, which is only my favorite Trini food restaurant, and the stomach behaved–dinner was 100% awesome.  We started with coconut bake, all buttered and hot:

After which I had my first chip-chip (an oyster-like mollusk), in a cocktail sauce that was spicy and tomato-y and extremely good:

And tamarind grilled shrimp with garlic vegetables, spinach rice, stewed black beans, macaroni pie, and plantains:

Enough?  Never–I had the world’s freshest-made mango sorbet afterwards:

Plus a vodka and cranberry at Shaker’s, our usual Port of Spain bar thanks to the outdoor seating under the trees (and prime people-watching location):

All done in this getup–dress by me, shoes by Trincity Mall shoe shop (here in Trinidad), handbag from Zara, smirk from America’s Next Top Model:

I actually was really happy--but had to do a 'tude picture anyway

Drinks + early morning = way past my bedtime.  Tomorrow, y’all!

5 Responses

  1. Aw this is SO sweet! Really happy for you guys celebrating 10 years!! But. Totally jealous of your Veni Mange dinner – it looks super super yum and has made me go from not at all hungry to ravenous in the time it took to read.

  2. Cute! This made me smile!
    I wish someone would make me coffee and do my laundry!

    Love the dress!

  3. That’s really sweet! He sounds like a keeper. 😀

  4. blach! sooo mushy!! haha, just keeding! que cute! felicidades! la comida se ve deliciosa y para chuparse los dedos, y quiero tu traje Y los zapatos!

  5. Such a cute post! I love it:)

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