Core Fusion Friday: In Which Your Girl Atones For An Afternoon of Excess

I’m not one to do the whole atonement thing.  I eat and do as I please, and if that involves excess  I suck it up, tell my conscience to deal with it, and balance it out by better behavior for the next few days.

This afternoon, however, required proper, guilt-heavy atonement–or rather, punishment for my own foolishness.

The day started off on a good foot.  I took on my four miles with determination (if not exactly gusto–I’m not there yet) and finished in 40 minutes, which is my usual time.  However, I had to take about three unscheduled walk breaks caused by seeing mean-looking dogs (and not wanting to become dog bait and subsequent breakfast), so I know I must have been running faster than I usually do.  I need to get on Nike+ to add in an “Unexpected Dog Encounter Walk” feature, because it’s a real issue around here.

But I digress on the virtuous, because I can’t get over the not-so-virtuous.

There was a nice outfit:

Target top and shoes, Marks and Spencer jeans

And oatmeal, bla bla bla, and plenty of water, and some ginger tea, and at 11:15 the whole office headed off to a colleague’s leaving lunch celebration at my local Chinese restaurant.  My stomach had been slightly goofy, but I still managed to scoff a goodly lunch of beef and mushrooms, Chinese fried chicken, sweet and sour fish, black bean fish, chow mein, mixed vegetables, and fried and jasmine rice.  It was a mosaic plate of deliciousness, but the atmosphere (or rather, the office’s vibe) was not conducive to taking a snap of it.

After the Chinese food, we went back to the office for cake, ice cream, and wine.  Plenty, plenty, plenty wine.

There’s no need to go into how the wine made its way into the office, nor should I mention that it took me and a coworker 20 minutes to winch the cork out of a bottle of wine using the world’s worst corkscrew (but I will anyway, because I can’t help myself and because Determination is my middle name when it comes to stubborn wine bottles).  What is noteworthy is that, after battling the cork and getting it shoved into the bottle, white wine squirted out of the bottle and into my face, hair, and contact lenses, baptizing me in evil and setting the tone for what was to follow…

Which was wine, and more wine, and cake, and giving cake to children that somehow materialized at the office, and trying to maintain a ladylike composure while knowing that, in the course of the afternoon, I was well on my way to drinking an entire bottle of Australia’s reasonablest.  Thank goodness I was not alone in my festivity–far from it.  I’ve noticed that wine-drinking in Trini offices is done out of HUGE wine glasses (or straight-up glasses), so I know I was not the only one having a merry old time.

I think I did OK behavior-wise, and I am pretty happy that I didn’t divulge any state secrets or untoward work-related gripes, but I most certainly crashed when I came home, and I woke up with a nagging headache and a vague feeling of shame, the kind that only such office drinking antics can bring on.  The only thing that would have made it worse would have been eating doubles from the campus cart on the way to the car, which I had enough sense left to avoid.  Instead, I had a very soothing and virtue-returning dinner of spaghetti with marinara sauce and grilled eggplant before Core Fusion:

So Core Fusion for legs and core was done, and extra reps were performed for the number of wine glasses that I could not remember downing.  Atonement might make my muscles twitch, but it can’t be a bad thing–especially not before I spend this weekend on the beach and checking out the giant leatherback turtles on the North Coast.  I love the ten year anniversary that keeps on giving!

Speaking of which… I will be at Grande Riviere, a small village on the North Coast this weekend, watching the giant leatherback turtles that hatch their eggs at this time of the year in Trinidad.  Trinidad has the largest number of leatherback turtles nesting in the world, and I can’t wait to see giant turtles–two to three meters across, yikes!–wading in from the water before the sunrise to help their baby hatchlings out to sea. It’ll be like hanging out with a prehistoric crew, which should be quite cool.

I don’t think there’s wifi at the Mt. Plaisir Estate Hotel, where I’ll be staying (which has assured me, by email, that I will find my room a “haven of luxurious resticity”) so there probably won’t be any blogging until Sunday night or, more realistically, Monday, when I’ll have a good night’s sleep under my belt after scouting out turtles all night on Saturday.  Until then, though, have a great weekend!

Any fun plans in the works?


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