How To Be a Mean, Green, Earth-Loving Machine

Happy Earth Day y’all!

I celebrated Earth Day by starting my day with a nice hot (read: sweltering) run, taking in the flower-fragrant morning air and feeling gratitude for the fact that the rainy season will be starting soon.  We LEGIT need some rain down here–my grass is like little sharp shards of straw.  Besides, no way am I graduating to five miles until at least half my run can happen in under-90F.

I also got to thinking about what I do, and what we all can do, to live a bit greener.  Some nights, I wake up in a cold sweat of anxiety sometimes about not being to recycle anything here in Trinidad, as I used to be a champion recycler and I cringe every time I toss a can into the garbage.  However, bar a miracle of epic proportions, recycling is just not going to be on the national agenda for a bit (we need water and non-corrupt bureaucracy more urgently at the moment).  It just means I need to be more creative about doing what I CAN still do

Ways I contribute:

  1. I use organic fertilizer on my grass (i.e. a pooping dog) and feed the dog well so that the organic fertilizer he produces will be extra-nutritious to my sweet lawn, and instead of using fancy gadgets to aereate the compost and fertilizer pile, I just get the Mr. to do it.
  2. I only wash clothes when A) they stand up by themselves or B) make those around me clear a ten-foot radius when they smell me coming their way.
  3. I only wash my hands when they are visibly dirty (water wastage, tsk tsk)
  4. I get the dog to lick my plates so I don’t have to wash them so often
  5. I use as few toxic cleaning products as possible (so what if that means the house isn’t squeaky clean, or clean at all?)
  6. I routinely stay home from work to avoid driving and creating greenhouse gases, etc.

OK, now for the real stuff:

  1. I toss all veggie scraps in a compost pile in the back.
  2. I only wash full loads of laundry.
  3. I use reusable bags wherever I go (despite getting odd looks from baggers–the whole reusable bag thing isn’t that common here yet)
  4. I buy local fruits and vegetables and try to buy organic whenever I can.
  5. I buy products with as little packaging as possible (especially because I can’t recycle).
  6. The plants get watered with a can, and will continue to be so even when the hose ban is over.

And evidence of my greendoings:

Compost pile galore

Doing the bag lady thing

Eating local--very local, backyard local--fruit

Watering can meets greenery

I even worked the Earth Day angle with natural motifs on my skirt and jewelry:

T-shirt Charlotte Russe, skirt my hands and sewing machine, shoes Target

Green leafy earring for a green leafy Earth

How do you do your Mean Green Earth-Lovin’ Machine thing?

2 Responses

  1. I like your natural fertilizer! 😉 Composting is something I want to get into but living in the city, there’s no really a good place to compost (wouldn’t it smell if I did it inside) and nowhere the put the compost anyway (aka no garden).

    • I know that feeling! You can try a mini-composter, but it’s not so much fun when you can’t use it yourself….

      The fertilizing agent is mostly good, though stubborn. Good return ratio on him, though!

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