Happy Quit Day!

It’s been a LONG time coming, and it’s finally here–QUIT DAY!

I am no longer wearing the cap of something I know I am not.  I am not going to have to type out long words that I despise unless I absolutely want to (for some silly reason of my own).  I can wear pajamas as I work from home (but will reach a happy medium with shorts and dresses).  And I’m glad I compromised so much in the past, because it’s taught me never to do that again.

Oh, and the most important part–I can re-ingratiate myself into the dog’s fickle affections.  Life is good.

The bad karma dress has finally been turned into the Best Karma of My Life dress by virtue of its outing today–it was about time it had a look of “wheee!!” to it:

Wrap dress by me, shoes by Target, glee not for sale

And tonight, I’ll continue on the “wheee!!” theme by celebrating in style with Italian food.  Let’s hope my happiness doesn’t translate into busting out in DJ Supah Dupah Dancer mode over my grown-up wine and in the presence of real grown-ups:

Dress from Forever 21 (if you like it, it's from just a month ago and they may still have it in stores!), shoes from Target, necklace is Granny bling, earrings are Mommy bling, bracelet courtesy coworker

And in the words of the wise Shakira, I’m heading out with the fire department hotline in case I get in trouble later…and, in Spanish, the song says “Me voy por ahi con mis piernas y mi juventud,” which, as it translates to “I’m heading out with these legs and my youth” just makes me giggle and sums up the general feeling around here tonight.

Have a great Friday night!  You can guess I will!

4 Responses

  1. Happy Quit Day!! 😀

  2. Woooo!!!!
    YOU LOOK FANTASTIC IN THAT DRESS!!! I’m not sure how else to emphasize that! Rock it girl!
    (P.S. Love that you quoted Shakira)

  3. WOOOOOOOO!! Congratulations! What a feeling that is…and man, do you look good in that black dress. Two words: work it.

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