Lessons In Being a Lady

After yesterday’s drag-about-the-house day (where I literally had to put on mascara after wearing what felt like pajamas for way too long), I decided that I would be utterly ladylike and conduct my daily business with aplomb, mascara, and out of yoga pants or the suchlike. (Okay, the last part is a lie, as I’m wearing yoga pants now, but I only changed into them to do pre-dinner Core Fusion so don’t hate on me.)

So how did I do ladylike things today?

Like a lady, I multi-tasked while I made breakfast and set some hot and spicy Trinidad corn soup to simmer, because nothing is better than smelling a Scotch bonnet pepper at 8:10 in the morning, right?

Don't judge a book by its cover (for today, at least)

It looks like (fill in the blanks) and I debated not posting an ugly picture, but it came out so well that I’m not going to be judgemental about its looks.  It was awesome and filling and I’m glad I added dumplings at the last minute after some not-so-subtle requests from the other member of the household (who has unwittingly swapped dumplings in his soup for a clean stove, though he doesn’t know it yet).  Do ladies do deceit?  My favorite ones definitely do.

Like a very ladylike lady, I donned a lady skirt and eyeliner all day long (until Core Fusion, that is):

T-shirt from Primark in the UK, skirt by me (made last weekend), shoes Target, bad hair courtesy of my lunchtime swim, ridic pose courtesy of post-Subway BMT giddiness

I made the skirt last weekend during a bit of a sewing frenzy and, though I have a dress of the same fabric, I think this is different enough for me not to care too much.  The waist could use some refining and taking in, but I’ll wear it once or twice more before I decide if it really needs it–or if I should just call Overfitters Anonymous instead.

Like a delicate flower of a ladylike lady, I hit the pool for some laps at lunchtime and, in a well-covered bikini, I beat a boy at laps! Many times!  I’m not sure how old or young or experienced at swimming this man was, but I whomped on him big-time.  We kinda raced without acknowledging that we were racing, but I could 100% tell that we were racing.  I think the new pool workout (15 easy laps, then 15 laps alternating a really fast lap with an easy one) is definitely rocking my speed as much as it’s rocking my arm muscles, which continue to aspire to Michelle Obama heights.

And, finally, like a lady (albeit an unfortunate one), I suffered two Marilyn Monroe, skirts-blowing-in-the-wind moments–one while opening my gate (and thereby flashing only one neighbor before I could grab hold of my dignity), and a second one while waiting for my ride after my swim (and thereby flashing only three ladies and a small parking lot full of people before grasping at my dignity, dropping my sub, and tripping over my swim bag).  Oddly enough, I didn’t die of embarrassment, which indicates that I’ve developed either reason or complete shamelessness in my advancing age or complete shamelessness. I would put it to you to answer that one, but I’d honestly rather not know.

What kinds of things make you feel like a lady? I may feel like a lady when I”m in cute clothes and in full jewelry, but I also feel like a lady when I’m red-faced and covered in sweat (and bugs), zoning out to the iPod on a great run and thinking about how I can whomp on boys in the pool any time.

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  1. I desperately want you to have a skirt giveaway, I love your outfits. I love when yoru swimming along side someone and they make it into a competition. lol

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