A Cancer Fundraising Cycling Announcement AND Skirt Giveaway!

In one month, I will be on a bicycle, pedaling away for cancer research–and hoping not to run any other cyclists over, or get run over myself.

Ladies and gentlemen, I’m cycling 20 miles for Roswell Park Cancer Institute’s annual Ride for Roswell on June 20!

My last time on a bike--May 2009, riding Little A's bike Priya

Why would a girl who doesn’t even own a bike and rides once every few years, if that, sign up for a huge bike ride?

Because cancer research matters THAT MUCH to me–I owe an extra year with my father (who died of stomach cancer) and a whole lifetime of fun with my adopted-from-next-door sister Lindsay (who whomped thyroid cancer) to the wonderful care they received at RPCI.  I also worked as a smoking cessation counselor at RPCI many moons ago, and I cannot commend the Institute’s work highly enough.

So on June 20, I’ll be getting on a borrowed bike, doing as close to the sign of the holy cross as you’ll ever see me do, and putting my foot to the pedal to raise as much money as I humanly can for RPCI.

Now that it’s one month away, I’m more than a bit nervous.  Why oh why?

  • Twenty miles is a LONG ride for someone who can’t look over their shoulder without falling over on their bike.
  • I don’t even HAVE a bike to practice on.
  • I’m scared I’ll run into people.
  • I’m scared people will run into me.
  • I look ridiculous in helmets–and I’ll look ridiculous in padded bike shorts because, even though I have a well-padded booty, bicycle seats worry me.

OK, the last one is 90% joke, but I am definitely feelin’ the other four issues.  However, I have to get hold of my nerves and remind myself that:

  • I will have almost a month to train once I arrive in Buffalo next weekend.
  • I do love riding a bicycle.
  • I’ll get to train with my team Papa’s Pedallers (consisting of sisters, almost-sisters, and practically-brothers) nd they’ll teach me the tricks AND get me used to riding next to people.
  • I’m in good shape–if I can handle swimming and running, I should be able to ride 20 miles (note I said RIDE, not race) without keeling over.
  • I can always decorate my helmet and wear a skirt over the hideous awful padded shorts.
  • It’s such a good cause that I can take a scraped knee or (heaven forfend) broken bone for the cause.

So I was going to solicit donations by appealing to the goodness of your hearts, but I realized that I could also do a nifty giveaway to encourage the goodness of your wallets!

Here’s the deal, my peeps:  For every $5.00 you donate, I’ll enter your name once into a drawing for a Laura-Made skirt!  Not just a Laura-made skirt, but a made-to-measure skirt based on your fabric choices (I’ll show the choices, you pick the fabric!)

So yes, you can own a skirt of this cut:

Skirt made by me, shoes and bag by Target, cardi by New Look--I forgot where I got the tank!

Made to fit you and only you (well, and the lucky BFFs you share it with) in the fabric of your choice!

All skirt inducement aside, I’m very grateful for any donations you can make to this cause–we all know someone who’s faced cancer, lost someone to cancer, and had cancer research save a dear one.

So wish me luck, stay posted for updates on the ridiculousness that will be my bike training, and donate if you can to this good cause.

To donate, please go to my Ride For Roswell Page.


And on the daily routine tip, a very intense morning swim was had (I shoveled water as if being chased by sharks), a delicious lunch platter was gobbled:

And a total Old Navy-ad kind of outfit was worn:

Good night peeps!  I’m off to dream about riding the bike….

3 Responses

  1. My best friend just found out his grandpa has lung cancer today. We were hoping it wasn’t that. I have donated to this cause, good luck with the bike riding. You go girl.

  2. Congratulations! I think you’re doing this for a great cause!
    I wish you the very best with your ride!

  3. […] A Cancer Fundraising Cycling Announcement AND Skirt Giveaway! […]

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