When In Rome…

Now, don’t go getting too excited!  I’m definitely not in Rome.  But, I am taking the “when in Rome…” mentality VERY seriously when it comes to eating during this visit to the US.

Basically, here’s what that means: if I can’t get it in Trinidad and/or it’s made with love and secret recipes by a family member or from food establishments tasty and dear to my heart, I will be eating it.

So I’m going to town on all the tasty stuff I can’t get back in the tropics, such as munching plates with goat cheese, pepperoni, and the nubbiest multigrain sandwich bread ever:

Salads with grilled zucchini, asparagus, arugula, mint, and feta cheese:

Dark chocolate-orange mousse with a healthy slosh of Grand Marnier (well, Gran Gala, which is the same but less pricey):

Hot dogs grilled with love and pesto pasta salad made with love by Baby Bel and her tall one:

And jicama salad with black beans and pulled pork burritos:

Yep.  With food this yummy, I won’t care if my jeans get a smidge tighter over the next few week.  I have all the time in the world (and none of the bread) in Trinidad to get myself ready for Carnival in March next year!

Can’t wait for the weekend’s munchies–there may be sweet potato salad, more grilled dogs, and a whole lot of corn on the menu, plus a non-food surprise that I’ll divulge when I’ve fully digested the marvelousness of it all and can contain myself for long enough to actually write about it.  Sorry, y’all!  You’ll have to wait and see…


I haven’t forgotten the Ride for Roswell Skirt Giveaway!  I’m still  tallying the last few pledges, but I promise it’ll be just a few days until that goes on.

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