In Which Feet Get Wet

No, not wet feet of the marriage kind… Or wait, is that cold feet?  It’s times like these that I’m reminded that I learned English when I was four.  Oh, and that I have very little memory.

Anyway, this weekend has been a flurry of awesome outdoorsy activity–which means this will be a bit of an “And then I did X” kind of post.

On Saturday morning, I woke up bright and early (for me, anyway) for a planned five-mile run… which turned into a 4.6 mile run when I looked at my watch and realized that it was 9:58 and I had two minutes to get home and watch the Argentina-Germany World Cup match.  It’s not every day that I will curtail a great run (much less a rare above-four-mile-run) for anything, but the waka waka fever has gotten into  me.  And sad it was, too, to see them lose so pitifully.  Thank goodness Spain is in or my life would seriously not be worth living.

After consoling myself from the Argentina loss (in no small part by gloating about the Spain win), a sisterly bike ride ensued, complete with swings and stories of wanting to vomit while on moving objects:

On Sunday, I slapped my legs into awareness and hit the road with Baby Bel and the Tall One for a day at Stonybrook State Park, with gorges on our minds:

The day was beyond perfect for the outing–had it been any cooler, the water would have been TOO cold, and had it been warmer we would have baked in our skin.  As it was, all the right factors aligned for an amazing dip in water:

Complete with people watching–I saw the absolute worst bikini (tiny American flag, ew) and tattoo (lettering directly above the bikini line, which was visibly peeking out of a very tiny bikini, double ew)–sandwich-munching, and plenty of lazing around by the picnic tables.  My feet very much enjoyed the dip in coldish waters and I very much enjoyed the entire road trip through Erie, Genesee, and Wyoming counties:

As things were, Sunday could not have gotten better.  But it did!  We had a great dinner from our delightful mamalicious, after which we all dashed out for fireworks on the University at Buffalo’s north campus.  I played paparazzi–good thing I was sitting or I would have definitely tripped on something or somebody:

As for today, the heat and ozone and tiredness conspired to give me a day off running.   I still snuck a sneaky bike ride in with the Tall One, which was great because it was so hot that no one was out on the streets and we could cycle as slowly and distractedly as we wanted, taking in the lovely park and houses along the way:

Tomorrow, it’s back to real life–work, errands, running, hemming of stuff (ew), and just a bit of World Cup action.  Oddly enough, I’m more than ready for it all.

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  1. My dad’s family is from the Buffalo area (East Aurora) so I totally loved this post….reminded me of my childhood summers spend in Western NY! Enjoy your trip!

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