My latest Hollaback Health post (on five reasons to think before you post) AND my very own Christmas in July!

Ladies and gentlemen, may I present you with a very badass Sony A230 DSLR?  It has buttons that I can’t figure out, a lens that makes crazy noises all on its own, and more settings than a girl like me deserves.  I’m more scared of holding it than I am of holding babies because babies are priceless and, well, this baby definitely has a price tag.

Now, before you go getting any ideas about me going nutso and buying equipment I don’t need (as it would appear), here’s the story.  This autumn, I will be taking a photography class.  I knew that I would probably need a fancier camera than what I had and figured I would borrow a camera from the program office–or so I was convinced by Mr. L.

Said Mr. L secretly went behind my back and found out all the necessary camera specs (and had me fully convinced that I would be using program equipment, which isn’t actually that easy to access) and kaboom!  One good afternoon a week or so ago, in he flounced carrying a delicate Fed-Exed box with the words “Refrigerate For Storage” all across it.

Which of course had me thinking that the man had ordered me a turtle or a shipment of sausages. And of course I was in no way disappointed when nothing live or grillable was inside the box.

I wasn’t just surprised–I was totally flabbergasted.  I was also duly told that this would, in fact, be my Christmas present, and that it therefore might behoove me to take a picture of it and frame it so that it can be wrapped up and given to me on Christmas Day this year.  So, in addition to scouting all the possible future goodies I’ll want for the baby badass camera, I’ll be looking for a great picture frame.

I’ll also be spending plenty of time between now and the next millennium playing solo shutterbug and paparazzi, by turns:

Dress drying in the breeze

Laura the Grouch, ready for Kan Jam

Elmwood afternoon

Unidentified flower in my mom's garden

Beyond the obvious–which is that you’ll be seeing much better pictures round these parts–here is what this craziness means for you, just to show you that I love and appreciate each and every one of y’all:

Once classes get going in August, I will be posting weekly photography lessons.  Not only is it a good chance to throw around all the cool new things I’ll learn–such as what a diopter is, how to decide between shutter priority and aperture priority, and how to take a good night snap once and for all–it will be a great way for me to distill the most important bits and for you to have fun and go play with your cameras, DSLRs or not.

As for my long-loved staple, my sweet little standard point-and-shoot snappy camera,

It will definitely still be in heavy rotation.  Until I hire a security posse and someone can guarantee that all my surroundings will be covered in bubble wrap, the fancy camera defers to Not-So-Old Faithful and stays safely indoors.

Come to think of it, Faith and Hope might be great names for the duo of cameras past and present…  Naw.  I can’t say their names in Spanish.  And we all know I need to be able to address things in Spanish when my fuse is short–as it well might be if I can’ t figure out the timer settings and such.

2 Responses

  1. Ack, I clicked over to your blog from Hollaback and just about died when I saw the picture of the pink building on Elmwood! I NEVER see Buffalo shots in blogs that aren’t my own!!! I don’t know how long you are in town, but I highly recommend Delish (also on Elmwood) for their locally made, to-die-for flavors of ice-cream!

  2. Congrats again on the new camera and, well, congrats on having a husband who is such a wonderful gifter!!

    I need photography lessons so badly so I’m looking forward to you sharing that knowledge!

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