Blip! Back on the Radar

This post should have really been called “Triumphant Return To Trinidad” or “In Which Your Girl Goes (To Her Other) Home.”

Instead, it’s called “In Which Your Girl Learns A Valuable Lesson.”  Which should read “Don’t Be a Doodoohead and Get Travel Insurance, Cheapskate.”

As if my last few days in Buffalo hadn’t been busy, stressful, and emotional due to my usual attachment to the crazy family and some unexpected family issues we all had to deal with, I missed the TWO flights which would have gotten me home to Trinidad.

I arrived at the airport to hear of delays to my Jet Blue flight to JFK, from where I would be catching my onward connection to Trinidad.  I’d be lying if I didn’t admit to a mini-meltdown at the check-in desk, but I canned it and trusted in all my good accrued karma that the hour and a quarter I’d have between flights would be enough.   In fact, I left the big lipstick smooch my mom gave me as a farewell on my cheek because I thought it might be a lucky charm.

So I said goodbye to the fam, got to my gate, and waited.  And waited some more.  Until I was told the flight would not be making it in time.  I called Caribbean airlines to reschedule but didn’t confirm the flight right away because I needed to ensure Jet Blue could get me to JFK in time before I coughed up my hard-earned cash for the rebooking fee and the rest.

Then they announced that the original flight would be departing earlier than they had said–but still too late for me to get to my Caribbean Airlines flight (which had not yet been canceled).   So I got in line and said I would need to change my flight anyway and gave away my seat like a good Samaritan for the poor stand-by people.  Except that they gave my seat away and forgot to call to get my bags off the flight until a second before the flight took off, at which point I exploded in frustrated tears and begged them to please get my bags off the plane even if they didn’t rebook me that second, because no way was were my dresses and sneakers and my plastic Target plates disappearing into the vast bowels of JFK airport without me.

I was offered water and tissues and a shoulder pat or three by the wonderful lady at the counter, who understood my plight, and my bags were fetched and I was rebooked for free for my act of good Samaritanism.  I then called Caribbean Airlines and found out that they had also delayed and cancelled flights, and the next flight I could get to go home would be….. Friday.  AFTER paying for the rebooking and the whatever and the whatnot

So I did what I do when I get frustrated–I sobbed a bit, snotted more, and then got over it.  I rearranged my Caribbean Airlines flight  and rearranged my Jet Blue flight to get to JFK on Friday, this time with a generous seven hour layover. I might be cheap and stubborn, but I also learn things when they’re taught the hard way.  I’ll gladly suffer seven hours of layover purgatory to get on my damn plane to Trinidad.

I am now super calm and have stopped screaming “FML” at the telephone.  I’m going to take advantage of two great days at home with the family and all that entails and I’m going to be grateful once again (as if I weren’t grateful enough already) that I can work from anywhere there’s wifi and a computer.

And you bet I’ll be getting insurance for every single trip from now on.

Make me feel even better by commiserating and sharing your flight horror stories!  Have you ever missed a flight or had connection issues?  Do you fly the skies by the seat of your pants, or are you a travel insurance devotee?

PS–you don’t even want to see what I wore today.  It’s tainted by frustration and airport smell.  Don’t worry, though–I’ll dress up and make it up to you.

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  1. Oh I’ve had a quite a week of travels as well! While on the plane, I actually started writing my worst travel stories for a post next week. So yeah….I feel ya on this. But I’m glad you are back!!

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