Girl Gets Home

I woke up this morning to the sound of pounding rain on the ceiling.  Gosh, I love Trinidad rain!

So yep, I’m back in the tropics after having a ball in Buffalo.  In fact, those two extra days (thanks for making me miss my flight, NYC-area thunderstorms of July 13) made me feel like I’d done everything I wanted to do while I was in Buffalo and left me happy as could be to get back to sweet T and T.

So, as I drifted through the clouds for those 1500 or so miles from JFK to Piarco airport, I was dreaming of my Trini home and all its creature craziness:

  • Doubles and sada roti
  • Maracas beach and bake and shark
  • Band launch season (carnival 2K11, I’m lookin’ right at you!)
  • Mangoes from my tree
  • Making friends with a fresh new host of summer iguanas and lizards
  • Sewing and gawping at gorgeous fabrics
  • My kitchen, my market, my mostly meat-free existence (though dang, my mom and sisters make me a happy carnivore)
  • Tuesday Law and Order SVU marathon (no USA network at my mom’s house)
  • The dog
  • The man
  • The chill life (well, the sweaty life, but you know what I mean)

And if the charms of Trinidad wane, I just need to remember it’s twenty weeks till I go back at Christmas.

I’ll be back on Monday with tons of energy and sass and pictures, I promise!  Until then, I’ll be sleeping and swatting mosquitoes and sipping cold drinks on my porch–total bliss…

One Response

  1. Wow, I’m sure the temps are similar but it must always be a little bit of culture shock shuttling back and forth between the two places.

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