Chomping Shop Recipes

Kitchen bookshelf

My kitchen lab and a few of my favorite cookbooks

Some tasty eats, from me to you!  I’ll keep adding as long as my pots are rocking and my fingers are typing.

I don’t usually measure while I cook, so you’ll see lots of approximate amounts in recipes, or a range (for example, normal person garlic versus MY heavy-duty garlic); in fact, the only time I really measure is when I make baked goods.  Unless specific quantities are listed in a recipe, or it’s a recipe for a baked good, approximations are just fine for these recipes.

Please play with your food!  Adjust seasonings and quantities to your own taste–that’s what cooking is all about.  If I had to stress about a teaspoon here or ounces there, cooking would be nowhere near as fun.



Pasta dishes and Big Bad Mains:

Sauces, Dips, and Whatnot:

Sweet Things for A Sweet Ting:

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