The Carnival Recovery Plan (And Too Much Fun With Bulletpoints)

This morning I woke up to the unhappy realization that, one week from now, what will possibly be two of the most fun days of my life (yes, really!) will be over.  I have a feeling, nay a certainty, that I’ll be going through the kind of let-down that kids get after Christmas, where you can’t BELIEVE that it’s all over…. sigh.  I mean, I’ve been bigging these two days up since last year, when I decided to play mas.  Here’s how the big-up/unbearable excitement built-up went:

  • Early January 2009:  Hmm, this carnival thing looks fun.  Maybe I should have done it this year. Fun with feathers–all about it.
  • Mid January 2009:  I definitely should have signed up to play mas this year.  I want to wear a ridiculously big headpiece.
  • Weekend before Carnival:  What de ass were you thinking, not signing up, gyal?
  • Jouvert (Monday AM):  I’m too drunk and I’m reverting to Spanish, but must kick myself hard for not playing mas– once I can kick a target and not miss or fall over.
  • Carnival Monday:  My head hurts.  It would hurt less if I could Hair-Of-The-Dog it on the road with a mas band and some rum today.  Husband sprained foot, good thing we didn’t sign up to play mas.  (Naw, I’d leave him behind and go anyway).
  • Carnival Tuesday:  If I spot a girl of my approximate height and size, Imma grab her costume and run!
  • Ash Wednesday:  Only six months till I can sign up!
  • March, April, May, June:  Weep a bit every time the 2009 Road March gets played on the radio.  I’m picturing feathers and jewels as I get myself back into running and swimming (as in, I picture a costume ahead of me and me giving chase during the first two months of running).
  • August 2009:  I signed up to play Rubies of Mumbai in Spice!  Abs moves, here we go… Lose sleep for a week from the excitement of signing up.

Etcetera and what have you…

But back to my plan.  Given the steady pitch of buildup to Carnival this year, I need to acknowledge that there will be a significant Carnival tabanca (state of depression with withdrawal symptoms, check Saucy’s post for more on this) and gloominess to contend with.  The Husband and I discussed it this morning (boy, does that man know me or what?) and he got me thinking that a plan must be put in action, with goals and pluses to look forward to once the soca (and my inevitable sunburn) die down.

There ARE things to look forward to after Carnival:

  • No paranoia about getting injured or sick (therefore missing out on the full, optimal Carnival experience)
  • No more paranoia about the dog getting at my costume and going to town on it with his teeth
  • No more problems with conflicting tan lines (I use SPF 80+ but swimming three times a week in an outdoor pool WILL get you, this close to the equator)
  • More free time and sleep (less time spent fussling at costume, obsessing over costume, or talking about costume); that translates to more reading! More sewing! More good TV and movie watching!

Therefore, after Carnival and a full post-mortem of it, you’ll find me:

  • At my sewing machine with gorgeous fabrics and foxy patterns, doing some desperately needed wardrobe improvement
  • With my head in the pile of books I brought back from Buffalo–I didn’t stuff my bag to within a half pound of the baggage limit to let the main offenders (books) collect dust
  • Catching up on Mad Men/Flight of the Conchords and starting Dexter
  • Going to see the giant leatherback turtles nesting at Grande Riviere beach
  • Planning some trips home and elsewhere…. Secret secret!
  • Starting up a 10K training plan–I’ll hold my own race if none are scheduled!  The main thing is training for the distance.

I say this all now with good cheer and all confidence that it’ll cheer me up come next Wednesday.  But we all know how it will go…it’s up to you to hold me to this when I’m wiping my tears with feathers and crying into my Carnival cup next week.


Obviously, Carnival is not acknowledged through office-wear, hence my dress for the day:

Target dress (from the clearance rack–it was $3.49 or something ridiculous like that! I was that color this morning when I was done with my run, which was great and good, though not dog-free), Target shoes (again), Trinidad mosquito bites. It’s a lovely dress and I’d like to keep it fresh by having more like it in the work rotation, hence the need for serious wardrobe improvement sewing.

On any given day, a soon-to-be Carnival diva will eat oatmeal with bananas for breakfast:

A Mediterranean chickpea salad (chickpeas, tomatoes, onions, green peppers, capers, harissa (North African chili paste–check out a good version here), olive oil, vinegar, cumin, etc):

And Monday night’s chilaquile leftovers for dinner:

She enjoyed ALL of it (though she probably would have enjoyed her lunch salad more had she been less stingy with the harissa, which she’s treating like gold as it came “from foreign”, as they say round these parts).  She will also admit to having been tempted by a KFC sandwich brought in by her coworker–until she realized that she was only tempted by the red, which is reminiscent of her Carnival costume’s color, and not by the chicken itself, as she has NEVER been a fan of KFC (proud ownership of her race-blingbag KFC/Scotiabank Breast Cancer Awareness 5K bottle notwithstanding).