Playing Catch-Up

Playing catch-up is all I did at work today.  The afternoon had me cursing, shaking my fist at the computer, and dreading each and every phone call I received.  I am drained and can barely put a sentence together.

However, before my day exploded like a rotten container of yogurt inside my purse….

I had a great morning run!  It was the first time I’ve ever run two days in a row, and it only happened this way because I had to switch swim days due to work commitments.  So I did the sign of the cross equivalent for atheists, gave myself a good shake-out, and hit the road for three miles (the usual).  I made an effort to take it easy–amazing to see that my February 24 “taking it easy” is my January 11 “pushing it”!  I’m sure runners must have improvement spikes and plateaus.  I’m on the spike and LOVING it, especially since I think I’ve hit the right balance between pushing it enough and keeping myself injury-free (ish).

I wore an old favorite of a dress–H and M Dress from 2006, what would I do without you?

I also had a great office lunch, courtesy of my boss’s birthday celebration:

The spread

My picks

Clockwise from top (starting with the cup) is callalloo (Trini coconut and greens soup), vegetable samosa, fruit skewer of pineapple, plum and watermelon, sweet and spicy chicken drumstick, spicy baked fishball with yogurt cilantros sauce, lemony and garlicky shrimp and peppers skewer, saheena (a patty of chickpea flour and spinach, all beautifully spiced with curry) with mango tamarind sauce, and a dumpling for dipping into the callaloo.  Oh, and did I mention there was wine?

And peach cream cake and cherry trifle?

I was stuffed and merry after lunch–too bad the rest of the day did not live up to the magnificent lunch.

For dinner, I had a long-promised chili with soy mince and beans, with white rice and salad:

It was top-class and brought back fond memories of a snowy lunch at Chipotle with Baby Bel over Christmas… Sigh.

I’m going to foam-roll my bad day away and try to catch some ice skating on the Olympics.  Chau!