A Weekend of Trini To-Doings

It’s been a really great weekend around here!  Lots of rest balanced with relaxed fun things to do–had I been less stressed, I would have no pulse.

Friday night was all about the Thai vegetable spring rolls:

And pizza, this time chicken and roasted garlic:

All from Trader Joe’s in good ol’ brightly-lit MovieTowne Plaza (never ceases to amaze me that such fun can be had in a fake plaza of theme restaurants and garish colors).  I ordered my pizza cheeseless, as usual, much to the bemusement of the waiter, and his shock was such that I forgot to ask for tomatoes instead of the cheese.  Major m istake.  The pizza tasted good, but it was d-r-y.  Not impressed.  The leftovers were brought home for some doctoring (and came out much better with tomatoes and peppers on top when I reheated it on Sunday).

The foodery continued on Saturday, when I slept in SO late (11:00!  Can’t even remember the last time that happened) that oatmeal and sweet breakfast were out of the question, hence the egg wraps with salsa–not that I minded in the least, as these were delicious as always thanks to the local salsa:

We had planned to go to Mount St. Benedict, a Catholic monastery on a mountain in nearby St. Augustine where the afternoon tea is matched only by the gorgeous view (or so we’d been told.)  However, even the monastery was in the midst of drought-induced water issues, so they told us to come by in case they could serve us, but that it wasn’t a sure thing.  Very Trinidad indeed, but we took a chance anyway and figured we’d at least get a nice walk around the monastery if tea at the guesthouse wasn’t on.

And gosh, was it beautiful, despite the dry mountains:

There were tons of families at the monastery, liming (hanging out) with cool drinks and snacks, plus a group from a wedding party taking pictures.  After taking in the scenery, we went knocking at the guesthouse in search of tea and sweets.  Luckily, there was enough water to do tea.  We were the only ones having tea on the verandah, so we had the entire porch–and the birds–to ourselves:

Methinks I might be braving the vertiginous, winding drive up the mountain more often for this:  lovely setting, very nice tea, and coconut sweetbread and pork pow (Chinese bread buns with savory stuffing) on rattan furniture:

After tea, I remained in the mindset of a lady that does tea, which went just fine for the night’s entertainment theme of Southern pomp and circumstance, with an all-night screening of Gone With the Wind punctuated by shrimp creole during the intermission–because ladies should not countenance the wonders of Scarlett O’Hara with a bowl of food in their laps:

Ladies also should be careful not to leave an entire Scotch bonnet pepper in their shrimp creole lest they become unladylike in their fanning of their fiery mouths and slurping of endless glasses of water.  Yep, it was a victory over me for Scotch bonnets everywhere, and I was humbled (and well hydrated all night as a result).

As for Sunday…. The usual:  farmer’s market and sewing and lazing (with a bit of Scarlett-inspired simpering, for effect), interrupted by a little housekeeping interlude of manky fridge cleaning.  I will not give details of how filthy the fridge was, nor will I admit the great degree of shame I felt while scrubbing the damn thing out.  I will, however, concede that I need to do better at having a clean fridge, and I’ll leave it at that. Or I could leave it like this and do the full-disclosure, as I always end up doing:  I don’t think Scarlett O’Hara herself had to scrub her beloved Tara as much as I had to scrub my fridge.

And might I add how having a clean fridge even manages to put a bit of zip in your cooking?  Trust me, it’s true!  I made a many-ingredient bunch of black bean and sweet potato quesadillas tonight:

Call me dorky, but I smiled every single time I opened the fridge to get something out or put something in.  I’d rather think I appreciate the small pleasures in life.

My dears, my eyes are shutting as I type.  I guess that’s what being a relaxed person does, so I’m taking my relaxed rear to sleep.  A big run is in store tomorrow morning and I need my bravery sleep for it.

How was your weekend?  Did you get up to anything interesting?

Short and Sweet

It’s going to be a long night of work and I want to be super-productive, so I’m going to keep it short and sweet.  I will, I mean it!

The Running

I’ve spent all day checking myself for signs of still being me.  I set the alarm for six to go on a run, and the alarm didn’t go off.  Guess who woke up naturally at 6:20 sans alarm?  Guess who put on her shoes and clothes with a semi-smile (and no swearing)?  Guess who ran a lower pace per mile record than EVER today, all without losing her keys on the run?  3.2 in 31:08.  Raise the roof….  And that same person has spent the day intermittently icing her knee after reading for the millionth time that you should ice very soon after running.  The knee is as happy as it could be even after that speedy negative-split run–no grunts or squeaks!

The Wearing

You’ve seen it all before, but that doesn’t mean I’m not going to show you again!  Chirpy post-run disposition = cheery clothes:

Sporting the brights, accessorized by fresh-picked orange from my tree

My blouse is from Target, as are the shoes, and the skirt is from Marshalls.  Both need a nip/tuck, but I was too excited about my awesome run to care and threw them on this morning.

The Chomping

For breakfast, I inhaled a sada roti with potatoes while I caught up on some work emails first thing this morning (that run really put me in an angelic state–to think I willingly tackled emails first thing!).  I used to buy these a couple of times a week (I mean, cheap and tasty, and TT$5/US 80 cents), but now I try to limit them to once or twice a month, so I’m extremely appreciative of their spicy tangy goodness:

I was dragged to a meeting at noon, resulting in hangriness so fierce I almost bit a piece of the meeting room table off.  Still, I managed to restrain myself and save my appetite for some homemade chili burgers (red kidney beans, oat bran, sprinkle of rice, lots of onoin and garlic and spices) and salsa over yet another fresh green salad:

For dinner, I was hesitant to pair yellow rice with yellow cornmeal pastelle–should that much yellow (and corn/rice yellow) be playing together?  In the end, laziness and gluttony dictated that yes, they would play well together, so I threw in some pineapple chow and topped the pastelles with yellow chow chow (pickled tart vegetables, like a Trini relish).  Check out my unapologetically sunny plate:

Now to work–which will be hard to do because I’m working on a table under which is parked the dog, in happy empty-Hershey-bar- wrapper-sniffing-and-batting glory:

See, I can do (relative) brevity!