Back In Business–A Playlist To Beat Laziness

I almost gave in to laziness and fear and sleepiness and ridiculousness this morning–but I didn’t.  Ladies and gentleman, I went for my first post-Buffalo Trinidad run!  And to celebrate the occasion, there’s a new playlist involved…

When the alarm went off at 5:45, I was all “Hells no.”  I hit snooze.  When it went off again, I hit snooze, wanted to cry at the prospect of leaving my cozy bed, and negotiated with my half-asleep self that I’d run in the afternoon instead.  When it went off the third time, I decided I was not going to feel any better about this first run back in Heat Central, shook off my ridiculousness, and went out for the damn three-mile run.

One word for it:  amazing.

I thought the heat would be unbearable, as it was when I left in May, and I was concerned that the sun would be a bit much for my late-ish start.  No such thing.  It was sunny but not frying weather, there was a breeze (which was actually cool!), and the mosquitoes weren’t nearly as nippy as I expected them to be.  I broke a sweat before I was even breathing heavily and was practically exuding a river as I ran, but it actually felt great to sweat so quickly; it was like running in my own personal shower bubble.

So yes, I had to sacrifice about twenty seconds per mile of speed compared to my Buffalo times, but it didn’t matter in the least.  It was too awesome of a run for me to care.

And did I mention the scenery?  It was breathtaking on my route, now that the rain has pounded the island and greened up the mountains and trees and bushes, and I could smell all kinds of seasonal flowers all along the way.  It was as idyllic as running in Trinidad gets.  This picture is not of the route, but you get the idea:

Those are the mountains I see on my morning run

Misty gingers of the kind I see on my morning runs

So, in honor of today’s awesome run, I’ll give you my Guaranteed Laziness-Busting Playlist, which is sure to generate big-time badassery at even the ungodliest hour of the morning:

  • Rihanna–Hard
  • Bajah and the Dry-Eye Crew–Laba Laba
  • MIA–Stepping Up (*her entire new album kicks and thumps, I can’t recommend it enough)
  • Mapei–Public Enemy
  • Anjalie–Boom
  • DJ Waxfiend/Busy Signal–Sound of Sirens
  • Lazerproof–Tigerlily
  • Lady Gaga–Dance In The Dark
  • MIA–Born Free
  • Bajah and the Dry-Eye Crew–Bondo Kallay
  • Thunderheist–Jerk It

There’s no way you’ll be able to sit still through this mix, I promise.  Just don’t say I didn’t warn you!

Running Adventures: In Which A New Playlist is Rocked

I made a new playlist last night and it was so awesome that I ended up running 5 miles–my LONGEST RUN EVER!

Man, did I work hard to craft that thing last night.  I was downloading and putting in order and shifting things around half the evening.  Here’s the result, ready to rock your world:

  • Baha Men–Who Let the Dogs Out?
  • Color Me Badd–I Adore Mi Amor
  • J.Lo–Love Don’t Cost a Thing
  • Los Del Rio–Macarena
  • Falco–Rock Me Amadeus
  • Right Said Fred–I’m Too Sexy
  • Billy Ray Cyrus–Achy Breaky Heart
  • Jefferson Starship–We Built This City
  • 50 Cent–Have a Baby By Me
  • Lynyrd Skynyrd–Free Bird

And repeat until you’ve run 5 miles in 41 minutes!!

Did I April Fool you??

No way was that my new running playlist, though it was insanely fun to trawl around online for worst song ever lists–well worth ten minutes of your life, I promise.  Nor did I run 5 miles.  You know me, I go slow and add miles even slower…. like turtles, but slower.

However, I knew that I needed a new playlist ASAP if I was going to run two days in a row.  Now, being in Piracy Central down these parts puts me out of the range of iTunes and Amazon song downloads, so I depend on the goodness of my sisters and good friends for tunage.

Last May, my sister gave me a huge stack of music and I’ve been dutifully rationing it out to make it last.  Thank goodness I will listen to something to death and have a good long attention span for music, otherwise I’d be seriously rueing my lack of running music.  I did a good sift-through last night and put together a playlist that makes me very happy indeed:

  • A.R. Rahman (from SlumDog Millionaire)–Aaj Ki Raat
  • M.U.R.S.–Lookin’ Fly
  • M.U.R.S.–Road Is My Religion
  • Lupe Fiasco–Little Weapon
  • The Noisettes–Saturday Night Paranoia (Christian Rich Remix)
  • Major Lazer–Cash Flow
  • M.U.R.S.–The Science
  • Kanye West–Love Lockdown
  • The Noisettes–Amazing Heartbeat (Cataracts Remix)
  • I’m a Lady–Santogold
  • Major Lazer–Keep It Goin’ Louder
  • Shakira–Men In This Town
  • A.R. Rahman (SlumDog Millionaire soundtrack)–Riots
  • Shakira–Lo Hecho Esta Hecho
  • A.R. Rahman (from SlumDog Millionaire)–Jai Ho
  • Major Lazer–Hold The Line
  • La Roux–Bulletproof
  • The Knife–Heartbeats

Did it amp me up to run 3.1 miles in under 30 minutes, as per the playlist’s title (I kid you not) , this morning?  Almost–I was off by 48 seconds.  However, it kept me tapping my fingers in the air and bobbing my head side to side and lip-syncing as much as I could for the entire three miles.  It was a great distraction from the tight hamstrings and the temptation to walk after, oh, a quarter of a mile (don’t worry, I didn’t give in and only walked for one minute at the beginning of mile 3).

What songs are on your running playlist?  What song makes you floor it for the home stretch and end your run with thumbs up and jazz hands?


I’ll give you a quick recap of my day so far, food- and dress-wise, because it all deviated from the usual today.  For breakfast, I had more of the cornmeal pancakes (made more filling by swapping some of the white flour for whole wheat flour and flax meal) topped with a bit of strawberry preserves and warm Granny Smith apple:

With a Green Monster (spinach, soy milk, banana, frozen strawberries) in a green carnival cup:

The carnival cup that saw such naughty behavior now sees nothing but goodness and green for me

For lunch, I went off with the grown-ups and played Ladies Who Lunch!  We shared a few slices of garlic bread and, in a ladylike fashion, mowed a sausage, pineapple, mushroom and olive pizza:

Because the Ladies Who Lunch are so sweet to me, I honor their every request–in this case, they asked me to wear a Laura-made item, so after ransacking the closet at 11:20 pm last night, I found something work-appropriate to oblige:

This is a Trini classic.  I made it last year and had to stop wearing it when I realized every picture of me had me in this dress.  I need to give it some nip-tuck love, so in the meantime the belt does the trick.   Worn with ubiquitous Target shoes, of course.

And with that, ladies and gentlemen, I’m off to welcome the Easter Weekend (gotta love British holiday holdovers–I’m off from today until Tuesday!) with twisted Trini sushi and knockoff Irish beer.