A Sneaky Sartorial Experiment

I have a little confession to make….

Last week, I noticed that I had only worn skirts or dresses to work all week.   I didn’t think it was particularly strange, given how many skirts and dresses I have and wear regularly.  However, it made me wonder just how long I could go without wearing pants to work (I mean AMERICAN pants, not British ones–dear British readers, I am a decent woman in that arena, tsk tsk). So I decided to see if I could do two weeks of skirts and dresses only, without making myself crazy over it–you know, just a casual kind of half-bet with myself.

Earlier this week, I realized I’d done two weeks in a row pants-free, and wondered if I could make it to three weeks.  Again, this was totally out of curiosity; I wasn’t out to prove anything, nor was there a real and firm reason for it.  Just because.

And here we are, at Wednesday, and still going skirty and strong.

In fact, I was curious to find the last time I wore pants–it was on January 13.  So that actually makes it three weeks of ladylike skirt-and-dress attiring.

Looking back, I’ve made a few realizations about this little semi-experiment:

  • I wear a lot of black skirts–I need to do something about that.
  • I don’t have pants I actually WANT to wear (otherwise I would have grabbed some, since this wasn’t a real experiment).  Basically, I lazed out from scheduled pants shopping at Christmas and then spent valuable shopping time being sick, instead of doing the needful. Bad Shopping Job, Bad Laura.
  • The mosquitoes have feasted on my bare legs and I feel–and look and itch–like a chickenpoxed five year old.  Clearly, I need to move to a warm yet mosquito-free climate.
  • Wearing dresses and skirts to work might make me feel more ladylike, but it doesn’t make me act any more ladylike. I might have looked a bit sexy secretary, but I still swore viciously under my breath, sat with bad posture and cross-legged at my desk (no one sees, don’t worry!), and scratched my mosquito bites in the company of all and sundry.
  • I definitely need to set better challenges for myself–or redirect my bet-making energies elsewhere.

For the sake of continuity, skirts and dresses will continue to be worn to work until Friday.  After that, though, I’m going undercover from the mosquitoes in the usual remaining ill-fitting pants for a few days.

And, speaking of dresses, I wore this dress again:

I salivated over this fabric and made this in about a day–that’s how much I loved it.  However, this ridiculously happy-colored dress seems to bring me bad days and gloomy moods whenever I wear it to work.  Today was no different. I really think it’s  cursed, but I keep wearing it in hopes I can redeem it and have a great day in it.  However, after today I think I’m going to have to relegate it to Dressing Like A Lady For Grown-Up Non-Work Events wear (and I have none of those these days, sadly).  The dress and I definitely deserve better.

Said general malaise (which actually started at 6 am this morning with an achy calf, a headache , dark thundery skies, and an abandoned run plan) made me forget to take  picture s of my banana oatmeal breakfast AND tuna sandwich-and-salad combo for lunch (it was just like yesterday’s, because I don’t like wasting food). I did remember to take a picture of my dinner, though.  I was feeling tired and had plenty of work to do after dinner, so I scrounged through my freezer for something easy and comfort-food like, and I hit paydirt!  Thank goodness for frozen African peanut stew with eggplant, sweet potatoes, and vegetables:

Dress removed, dinner devoured, work done, mood lifted.