Trini Tales Thursday: Slang… And Sushi, Too

When I first moved to Trinidad, I was a bit worried about understanding the accent here.  I had listened to some Trini radio online before and, well, sat there dumbfounded while trying to figure out what was said three sentences ago.

It took a bit of time (and quite a few embarrassing repeated “What?/Say that again?/Sorry?”) to get it down, but I can understand most people now.  However, what I’m still amazed at is the extent to which Trini slang differs from anything I’ve ever seen before–and how easy it was to fall right into using it.

So, in honor of me steupsing in traffic, giving cut-eye to bad parking jobs, and going bazodee at sushi today, I thought it might be time for a Trini slang lesson.  Get your notebooks out or I’ll ketch your tail….

  • cuteye/stinkeye–fairly self-explanatory; to give a mean look.  Example:  “I gave cuteye to the pervy man on the bicycle who was staring at me during my morning run,” or “the cashier gave me stinkeye when I asked her to pack my groceries into reusable bags.”
  • steupse (pronounced “stoops”):  a sound made by sucking your teeth in disapproval or dismay.  Example:  “Every time I see the price of strawberries, I steupse.  I’m not paying US $6 for a pint of berries.  Steupse.  Steupse. Steupse.”
  • ketch your tail: to get someone in trouble or give them a good telling-off/hiding.  Example:  “Next time I see the water pump repairman thiefing my mangoes, I’m gonna ketch his tail REAL good.”
  • hear dis nah: a way of prefacing a story, preferably a salacious or gossipy one; like using “so….” or “you won’t believe this.”  Example:  “Hear dis nah:  I saw the neighbor kissing her gardener, and her husband was in the house!  Yes, girl…”
  • bazodee (pronounced “BAZ-uh-dee): going really, really, maniacally crazy for something or someone. Example:  “I go bazodee for nacho-flavored Doritos.”
  • bacchanal: any general or specific craziness.  Example:  “The start of the Clico 5K race was total bacchanal, people  lining up anyhow and taking off before the whistle.”
  • macco: to gossip about others.  Example:  “I have no patience for people who go to the pool to macco and not to swim; they take up my lane and I want to bop them over their gossipy heads with my swimming board.”
  • bamsie/bumper: the booty.  Example:  “If I do my Core Fusion for a month, I’ll have a REAL nice bamsie for so…”

So go forth and spread the good Trini word…  and, if you don’t, at least do a little steupse at anything that bothered  you today.  I guarantee it’ll make you feel much, much better.

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Foodery today included an out-of-body experience with the new oatmeal (steel-cut oats after weeks of quick Quaker crap?  Be still my heart!):

Plus grapefruit, coffee, and email catch-up

And a green monster with about 1/3 cup of coffee added in (which, oddly enough, blended with the banana, soymilk, and spinach to  turn my smoothie into a refreshing mix  of chocolaty green goodness):

Green monster and water--all beverages enjoyed from bottles due to my bad tendency to spill EVERYTHING around my electronics

However, the key foodery event du jour was the sushi at More Sushi on Ariapita Ave. in Port of Spain, for which I dressed thusly:

Dress by me, finished five minutes before heading out the door; shoes Target; earrings were a sister gift; necklace is granny bling

And, speaking of that meal, Lord have mercy! I wish I could go around flaying fish for every meal, but until then, More Sushi will have to do–it was a pile of crazy, but a supremely inspired pile of crazy with chunky tuna, jalapeno, cucumber, some kind of roe, and a spicy chili sauce on top:

Trinis are great cooks, no matter the cuisine they make.  How they manage to improve on regular ol’ sushi is beyond me, but boy oh boy… Trini cooks have a sweet han’ fuh so (great touch in the kitchen).  May I live and learn…

Birthdaypalooza Continues…

In accordance with the newly declared (in my house, anyway) Laura Birthdaypalooza, The Husband asked me not to pack my lunch this morning so he could bring me a surprise lunch to work.  I am a good wife when it behooves me to obey, so I did and proceeded about my day, going for a lunchtime swim as scheduled.  I pounded out my 30 laps in 40 minutes (which seemed to bemuse the teenage boys at the pool–imagine that, a girl doing serious swimming instead of splashing around looking helpless and coy!), kept smelling toast during the swim (always happens when I’m hungry), and bounded back to the office for my lunch surprise.

Imagine my shock when I opened my container and found this tastiest of treats:

Gaaaaaah!  That is my favorite new sushi thang, the ever-delightful Magic Roll which has whitefish and creole sauce inside and thin slices of cooked plantain on the outside.  I cooed over my lunch the way normal women my age coo over babies.  My poor coworkers were pretty amused and have concluded that I am way too easy to please.  Fair enough, but if I’d shared a bite of it, they would have seen what I was on about.  Thankfully they were weirded out by the look of it because I was not feeling very Sesame Street about sharing in the presence of this roll.

Though the sushi definitely took the Tastiest Food of the Day Award, the rest of the day’s munchings weren’t too shabby.  For breakfast, this madam ate the first batch of the frozen pumpkin and pumpkin spice pancakes, topped with two baby bananas and a drizzle of the liquid gold (maple syrup–anyone who touches it in my house is likely to get their hand slapped with a wooden spoon):

And, for dinner, I had a planned day of Sunday’s leftovers because I thought I’d be working late tonight (it didn’t happen, but the leftovers still did), and more stewed pigeon peas and Trini Christmas pastelles were had:

In the wearing department, I brought back a long-forgotten combo:

The black sweater is my go-to warmer-upper, which I usually leave at work (and somehow forgot to take off when I left).  The orange top underneath is a standard orange Primark top which should have rightfully disintegrated or self-destructed by now, given that it came from Primark and cost 3 pounds.  The shoes are the patent black version of my beloved cobalt blue babies.

I am not ashamed to admit that the main reason for resurrecting the combo was this:

I was dying to wear this beautiful long necklace, which Baby Bel gave me for Christmas and which I hadn’t yet worn since I got back last week.  Two whole outfits were tried on and rejected in order to find the right outfit for the necklace.  I may be lazy for some things, but I’m dogged when there’s an accessory that’s calling my name–and I don’t mind going without mascara for the day to make up for time spent changing and fussing.

I wish I had more news to report, some incisive insights, or even some snarkiness to air, but I seem to have been struck wordless by the sushi lunch and since I’m rarely stunned into silence, I’m not yet recovered from the pleasant surprise.  Therefore I will retire for the night and retreat into a fog of Birthdaypalooza contentment, papaya slices, and Law and Order: SVU.  I hope to be back in working chatterbox mode tomorrow.  Until then, enjoy the quiet….